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NEW Evacuation & Drill Information

For Building Coordinators, Administration, Staff, and Faculty
Posted Jan-11-2007

Earthquake Response/Evacuation Drill Friday January 26, 2007

At exactly 11:00 AM on Friday January 26, 2007 ALL members of the campus community are encouraged to spend about 15-30 minutes simulating what they would do when a major earthquake strikes: (1) Duck, cover, hold until the simulated shaking stops; (2) move to their Rally Point and count heads; (3) Time permitting, walk to the EAP and organize there; (4) return and reenter building, resume regular activity. Building Coordinators will be provided with whistles to blow in the hallways of their buildings at 11:00 AM to remind the occupants to begin the earthquake drill. This drill DEPENDS on the leadership of the faculty, administration, and staff supervisors! More information about the Earthquake Response/Evacuation Drill will be forthcoming in the next two weeks. There will be other activities on campus during the course of the day.

New Evacuation Signs Posted

Over the winter holiday break, new gold-colored "Evacuation Plan" signs have been placed in classrooms, labs, offices, and other commonly-occupied spaces.

Rally Points and Emergency Assembly Points (EAP's)

The gold-colored signs include specific "Rally Point" locations immediately outside each building where the occupants of a room should plan to meet and count heads after evacuating the building. In the event that a building can't be reoccupied (e.g., earthquake), the remaining persons should move to an EAP such as Redwood Bowl, the Special Events Field, or the Lower Playfield. Note that staff and faculty will have to LEAD and ORGANIZE students and staff at Rally Points and EAP's because there won't be enough police employees to go around.

Building Coordinator Authority

Each pre-designated Building Coordinator has significant authority for the specific details and preparation for his/her assigned building's evacuation. More information and training will be forthcoming with an upcoming revision of Humboldt State's "SAFE" program, but for the immediate future, the Building Coordinator should serve as a point of contact and coordination within a building. This could include changing the location of pre-designated Rally Points and/or EAP's if desired (notify of any desired changes). More blank "Evacuation Plan" signage is available to Building Coordinators through UPD.

Faculty and Staff Supervisor Responsibilities at the Start of the Semester

(1) In each classroom, lab, or office, point out the exit(s), including doors and windows. (2) Point out the "Evacuation Plan" sign and announce the "Rally Point", the route to get there, and the designated EAP (should the building be unsafe to re-enter). (3) Announce that the group/class will have to self-organize at the Rally Point and/or EAP due to scarce police employees. (4) Describe what the group should do for the "Big Three".

What to Do for the "Big Three"

  1. EARTHQUAKE: Duck, cover, and hold until the shaking stops. Then head to Rally Point. If building is unsafe to re-enter, go to EAP.
  2. FIRE/FIRE ALARM: Evacuate whether there is smoke and/or fire or not. Head to Rally Point.
  3. GUNSHOTS/CRIMINAL ACTIVITY: If at all possible, get out and get away, even out the windows. Don't linger at Rally Point. If you absolutely can't get out, lock the door and shelter quietly in place.

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