Responsible for protecting the lives of every person on campus.

IS 700 Training

Who Must Take IS-700

Executive Level

Political and government leaders, agency and organization administrators and department heads; personnel that fill ICS roles as Unified Commanders, Incident Commanders, Command Staff, General Staff in either Area Command or single incidents; senior level Multi-Agency Coordination System personnel; senior emergency managers; and Emergency Operations Center Command or General Staff.

Managerial Level

Agency and organization management between the executive level and first level supervision; personnel who fill ICS roles as Branch Directors, Division/Group Supervisors, Unit Leaders, technical specialists, strike team and task force leaders, single resource leaders and field supervisors; midlevel Multi-Agency Coordination System personnel; EOC Section Chiefs, Branch Directors, Unit Leaders; and other emergency management/response personnel who require a higher level of ICS/NIMS Training.

Responder Level

Emergency response providers and disaster workers, entry level to managerial level including Emergency Medical Service personnel; firefighters; medical personnel; police officers; public health personnel; public work/utility personnel; and other emergency management response personnel.