Major Electives

Environmental Resources Engineering majors take four upper division electives to pursue specific interests. In consultation with an engineering faculty advisor, students select three engineering design courses and one upper division science or natural resources course from the following lists to form a coherent elective program.

Course Design Electives Units
ENGR 418 Applied Hydraulics 3
ENGR 421 Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineers IV 3
ENGR 434 Air Quality Management 3
ENGR 435 Solid & Hazardous Waste Management 3
ENGR 441 Hydrology II 3
ENGR 443 Groundwater Hydrology 3
ENGR 445 Water Resources Planning and Management 3
ENGR 448 River Hydraulics 3
ENGR 451 Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering 4
ENGR 455 Engineered Natural Treatment Systems 3
ENGR 471 Thermodynamics and Energy Systems II 3
ENGR 473 Building Energy Analysis 3
ENGR 475 Renewable Energy Power Systems 3
ENGR 477 Solar Thermal Engineering 3
ENGR 481 Selected Topics with Engineering Design 3
ENGR 498 Directed Design Project 1-3

*All ENGR design elective course descriptions for the classes listed in the above table are located here



Science Electives


BIOL 330 Principles of Ecology 4
CHEM 328 Brief Organic Chemistry 4
FISH 320 Limnology 3
GEOL 306 General Geomorphology 3
PHYX 315 Electronic Instrumentation 3
SOIL 360 Origin and Classification of Soils 3
SOIL 363 Wetland Soils 3

*All course descriptions for the classes listed in the above table are located at the HSU Office of Registrar Catalog webpage under the Course Description section for each respective subject.


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