Welcome back to the ERE department!

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Remember your graduation? Help ensure others have the opportunity.

For over 40 years the ERE department has worked hard to help students reach their potential as successful environmental engineering professionals. Today, we need your help. To maintain a vibrant, cutting-edge department we constantly must ensure that we have a steady stream of two important resources: motivated students and funding. This is where you can help the program that helped launch your career.

Help Recruit Students

To maintain a viable department we must constantly attract new students. What is our best recruiting tool? YOU! Each year professors in the department present at local high schools and meet students at career fairs. However, your personal story of how the program enhanced your career can make a better impact. Find out how you can help.

Donate Funds or Equipment

The department constantly seeks to maintain our excellent computational and analytical abilities to enhance students' real world learning experience. If you feel you can assist by donating funds or equipment, please contact the engineering [at] humboldt [dot] edu (ERE department chair).

How to Apply

So environmental resources engineering sounds interesting, but you are still not sure if HSU is right for you? Explore what HSU has to offer to both freshman and transfer students.