Printing in SD13 and SD15 from wireless: Linux clients

Linux users can now print to the HP printers in SD13 and SD15 via the wireless network.  The process for Linux users is not as elegant as for Windows users, but it will work.  You will need to add the printer(s) using whatever appropriate printer installation method they have:

(HP LaserJet 4315)

(HP LaserJet 4515)

Each time you print to one of these printers, you will need to approve the charge using the following process:

  1. Remote desktop to
  2. At the Pharos login screen, enter your HSU User Name & Password
  3. Locate your print job from the list of jobs
  4. Click Print

This process is the same as what you do in the lab except you are logging into a different server, there's no convenient icon on the
desktop, and you will see ALL jobs, instead of just your own.

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