ETaP Graduate Option Masters Student Work

The master's theses and projects completed by graduate students in the Energy, Technology, and Policy program have been as innovative and topically diverse as the students themselves.  A selection of thesis and project documents are listed here, along with additional information about each alumnus.

Arnold, Jessica (2013) "Energy consumption and environmental impacts associated with cannabis cultivation"
Prior Degree: BS Chemical Engineering, Purdue University

Bohn, Juliette (2010) "Food waste diversion and utilization in Humboldt County"
Prior Degree: BS Political Science with a Minor in Economics, University of New Mexico

Coggins, Amanda (2013) "Policy strategies for advancing the marine and hydrokinetic energy industry"
Prior Degree: BS Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Deshmukh, Ranjit (2008) "Thermal gasification or direct combustion? A technical assessment of energy generation in Indonesian sugar factories"
Prior Degrees: B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune, India; MS Manufacturing Systems Engineering, University of Texas - Austin

Dillman, Robert (2010) "Small community finance for renewable energy systems in Chiapas, Mexico"
Prior Degrees: BS Marketing and Finance, Miami of Ohio; Teaching Credential, Chico State

Dorji, Chhimi (2010) "Building energy analysis for Humboldt State University"
Prior Degree: B. Tech Civil Engineering, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India

Dorji, Karma (2007) "The sustainable management of micro hydropower systems for rural electrification: the case of Bhutan"
Prior Degree: B. Eng. Electrical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, India

Eaton, Alexander (2009) "The role of small-scale biodigesters in the energy, health, and climate change basline in Mexico"
Prior Degree: BS in Journalism with a minor in Environmental Science, Western State College of Colorado

Hervin, Kirstin (2013) "Feasibility analysis of gasification for energy recovery from residual solid waste in Humboldt County"
Prior Degree: 
BS Biology, Texas Tech University

Kullmann, Stephen (2009) "Specific energy yield of low-power amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules in a simulated off-grid, battery-based system"
Prior Degree: BA in English from Rutgers University plus coursework in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University

Mendonca, Brendon (2012) "Methods and analysis for calculating the daily operating time of solar charged off-grid lighting products"
Prior Degree: BS Mechanical Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE

Menten, Rebecca (2010) "Municipal financing programs as an option for overcoming barriers to energy efficiency"
Prior Degree: BA Political Science, BA French, Humboldt State University

Mink, Tirian (2011) "Methods for generating market intelligence for improved cookstove dissemination: a case study in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala"
Prior Degree: BA in Biology, Swarthmore College 

Radecsky, Kristen (2009) "Understanding the economics behind off-grid lighting products for small businesses in Kenya"
Prior Degree: BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Minor in
Mathematics, Lafayette College

Scheidler, Luke (2011) "Assessing the costs and benefits of utility energy efficiency programs in Humboldt County, CA"
Prior Degree: BA Biology, DePauw University

Schumaker, Adam (2012) "PV integration in the Bonneville Power Administration balancing authority area"
Prior Degree: BA Geography: People-Environment Interactions, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tracy, Jennifer (2010) "Flashlights in Kenya: revealing the social, economic, health and environmental implications in the absence of quality assurance"
Prior Degree: BA Anthropology and Psychology with a Minor in Environmental Studies, University of Washington


Our current students come from a similarly diverse set of backgrounds, and their interests span a variety of areas related to energy, technology, and policy.  A list that includes information about a number of the students in the program is provided below.

Allison Campbell
Prior Degree: BS Astrophysics, University of Southern California; MS Astronomy, New Mexico State University
Interests: Community choice aggregation, appropriate resource management, national energy grid efficiency

Matthew Collins 
Prior Degree: BA Environmental Studies with a focus in Political Ecology, Prescott College
Interests: Renewable energy production and distribution, electric and alternative fuel transportation, climate change mitigation, and economic development

Ruben Garcia
Prior Degree: BA Applied Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
Interests: Energy technology, environmental justice and education

Meg Harper
Prior Degree: BS Environmental Studies, Minor in Chemistry, Warren Wilson College
Interests: Renewable energy, energy efficiency, appropriate technology and waste to energy solutions

William Karis 
Prior Degree: BA Biology and Botany, Connecticut College
Interests: Renewable energy, biomass to energy, energy and climate policy

Amit Khare 
Prior Degree: BE in Electrical Engineering, Dr. B R Ambedkar University, Agra, India
Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management, Climate Change & Clean Development Mechanism, Renewable Energy

Karen Kniel 
Prior Degree: BA Environmental Studies (concentration in Energy Management & Design), Sonoma State University
Interests: Sustainable energy technology, energy efficiency mechanisms, conservation education, natural resources policy

Angie Lottes 
Prior Degree: BS Environmental Science (concentration in Biology), Minor in Government, Berry College
Interests: Energy awareness, localized energy production, wilderness conservation

Fred McNeal
Prior Degree: BS Earth Science, Juniata College
Interests: Renewable and sustainable energy for agriculture

Kenneth Osia 
Prior Degree: BS Physics, Minor in Mathematics, University of Central Missouri
Interests: Energy efficiency, sustainable building, climate change adaptation and renewable energy

Caleb Patrick 
Prior Degree: BA Environmental Studies, State University of New York, Potsdam College
Interests: Energy efficiency, appropriate technology, bio-fuels, renewable energy economics and policy

Nick Turman-Bryant 
Prior Degree: BS in Mathematics, Minor in Sociology, University of Puget Sound
Renewable energy and appropriate technology in Global North and South

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