Permission #s Required for All Fall '14 ENGR Design Electives and Capstone in Fall 2014

For Fall 2014, all ENGR design electives and Capstone will require a permission # for registration.  After verifying that you have all prereqs for the class, please email the ERE faculty member listed below to request a permission #.  If the class has multiple lab sections, indicate in your message which lab you prefer.

- ENGR 418/518 - Applied Hydraulics - email mlang [at] humboldt [dot] edu (Margaret Lang)
- ENGR 455/555 - Engineered Natural Treatment Systems - email mlang [at] humboldt [dot] edu (Margaret Lang)
- ENGR 475/575 - Renewable Energy Power Systems - email arne [at] humboldt [dot] edu (Arne Jacobson)
- ENGR 481 - Design of Water Treatment for Water Reuse Systems - prereq: ENGR 416 (may be taken concurrently) - email andrea [dot] achilli [at] humboldt [dot] edu (Andrea Achilli)
- ENGR 492 - Capstone - email arne [at] humboldt [dot] edu (Arne Jacobson)

Please be aware that demand for seats is in these classes is expected to be high, so get your permission # requests in soon!

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