Technical Communication

Technical communication is a critically important engineering skill; one can only implement a great idea if one can communicate the idea to others.   ERE students have opportunities to improve their technical writing and presentation skills thoughout their time at HSU, starting in  Introduction to Environmental Engineering (ENGR 115) and ending in the Senior Capstone Design course  (ENGR 492).  The guidelines provided below are used in various ERE courses. Several of the documents provided below were written by ERE lecturer Sheri Woo.

Writing Check List for ERE Technical Reports and Lab Reports

Written work MUST conform to these conventions and formats, or it will not be accepted!

Professional Email

How to write email so you come across professionally.

Writing Memos

How to write a memo, including a travel or trip memo.

Writing Lab Memos

Several ERE courses will require work to be submitted using this lab memo format.

Designing Slides With Powerpoint

Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides: The Assertion-Evidence Structure from Penn. State Univ.

Sheri Woo's guide to Editing

How to edit your work or the work of others

Sheri Woo's guide to Concision

Technical Writing requires succinct language

Sheri Woo's guide to Writing a paragraph

How to write a well constructed paragraph

Sheri Woo's guide to Citing Internet Sources

How to properly cite internet sources

Sheri Woo's guide to Abstracts

How to write an abstract

Purdue Online Writing Lab

If you have a question about technical writing, you might find the answer here

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students - Penn State Univeristy

This site provides samples of different types of technical communication.


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