Math Modeling Competitions

The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) are sponsored by The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP). Over the years ERE students often successfully compete in one of these international competitions. The students have a weekend to complete the research, calculations and writing needed to create a report describing their solution to the environmental problem posed by COMAP. Reports are rated to be Outstanding, Meritorious, Honorable Mention and Successful Participant.

Year Participants
2011 Participants: Zak Stanko, Brenda Howell and Rick Bailey
Report Title:
Ranking: Outstanding Winner
2011 Participants: Patrick Fox, Sam Speet and Jason Crowley
Report Title:
Ranking: Successful Participant
2008 Participants: Karen Wetherow, Jason Roberts and Jordan Pierce
Report Title: Development of a Sudoku Generator to Produce Puzzles of Various Difficulty Levels
Ranking: Meritorius Winner
2008 Participants: Nir Berezovksy, Cameron Bracken and Timothy Weigand
Report Title: Pardon My Intrusion
Ranking: Honorable Mention
2007 Participants: P. Travis James, Amelia Dillon and Cameron Bracken
Report Title: Optimal Airline Boarding Procedures
Ranking: Honorable Mention
2006 Participants: Kris Baker, Adam Siade and Jennifer Beard
Report Title: Hand-Move Irrigation System Optimal Movement Schedule
Ranking: Meritorius Winner
2006 Participants: Auriah Milanes, Erin McDonald, Michael Moore
Report Title: Linked Simulation Optimization Methodology for Airline Wheelchair Escort Services
Ranking: Meritorius Winner
2003 Participants: Carlos Diaz, T.K. Williams and Michelle Livesey
Report Title: To Be or Not To Be - Advancing Airport Security Through Optimization and Simulation
Ranking: Outstanding and recipients of the Informs Prize
2001 Participants: David Stier, Marc Liesenring and Matthew Kennedy
Report Title: Identifying Potential Zebra Mussel Colonization
Ranking: Outstanding Winner
1999 Participants: Bonnie Smith, John Rupp and Kevin Goodheart
Report Title: Estimation of Groundwater Pollution for Monitoring Well Data.
Ranking: Meritorious Winner

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