Humboldt State University

Placement Information

At Humboldt State University, Directed Self-Placement (DSP) is the process by which students choose an appropriate English composition course that meets the mandatory written-communication category* of the General Education requirements. At the end of the survey (linked below), you will receive a recommendation regarding the course that may best prepare you to submit your Assessment Portfolio.

In order to register for your written communication course, you should:

  1. Acquaint yourself with English 102&103 and English 104 described on our Courses Offered page
  2. Take the Directed Self-Placement Survey
  3. Log into myHumboldt and register for your chosen course in Student Center

If you have a "Composition Enrollment Hold" designated in your Student Center, CSU policies require you to earn a passing grade in either English 102 or English 104 within your first year at HSU in order to matriculate into your second year. If you have questions about "Composition Enrollment Holds," please contact your academic advisor or the Compositon Program Director.

Note: Since English 102&103 is a two-semester sequence, we encourage students who choose this option to begin this sequence as soon as possible. If there are not seats available in your preferred course, you can contact Interim Composition Director Mary Ann Creadon to discuss your options.

*Information about exemption written-communication requirements can be found in the following section of the HSU Catalog: Admission Information: “Placement/Proficiency Tests.” Please note that, although students may take an additional English Placement Test (EPT), this does not substitute for the DSP survey.