Humboldt State University

About the Writing Program

Most students at HSU will have the opportunity to take courses in the the Writing/Composition Program because the courses within this program meet students' General Education (GE) Area A: Written Communication requirement.

Our foundational GE courses, such as English 102&103 and 104 emphasize critical reading, topic development, organizational strategies, and research-based argument writing. Other elective courses, such as English 215, pair student-interest with curricular content in order to provide students with opportunities to engage in writing as an interdisciplinary activity. 

The program is committed to helping students develop the writing abilities and habits of mind that foster effective academic, civic, and professional participation. Therefore, our courses are grounded in the idea that writing and research are crafts that can be honed through study and practice. To this end, we seek to balance the study of rhetorical features with practice in composing for particular contexts.