Humboldt State University

Composition Studies and Pedagogy

Students in the Composition Studies and Pedagogy emphasis learn how to participate in the ongoing scholarly discussions of issues in the fields of Rhetoric and Composition Studies, while finding their own voices in those discussions.  In this emphasis students examine and relate key divergent theories within Rhetoric and Composition to the teaching of writing, including process, collaboration, peer review, and social epistemology.

The Course Requirements

Common Core requirements (12 units):

ENGL 600 (4)  Graduate Studies Introduction

ENGL 605 (4)  Cultural Studies Introduction

ENGL 611 (4)  Reading and Writing Pedagogy I

Option requirements (24 units):

ENGL 612 (4)  Reading and Writing Pedagogy II

ENGL 618 (4)  Linguistic and Rhetorical Approaches to Writing

In addition, complete one option (8 units):

Teaching English as a Second Language option:

ENGL 614 (4)  Teaching ESL Writing

ENGL 635 (4)  Issues in English as a Second/Foreign Language

Writing and Advocacy option:

ENGL 570 (4)  Literary Field Studies

ENGL 615 (4)  Writing for Change Workshop

8 units from the Literary and Cultural Studies emphasis

Culminating requirement (4-8 units):

ENGL 690 (4)  Master’s Project (may be repeated once if not completed in one semester)


TOTAL:  40-44 units