Humboldt State University

Internships for Undergraduates


Students in the English Department have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member by serving as an intern in an undergraduate writing or literature course.  The internships are designed to give students practice in teaching literature and/or writing.  If you think you would like to intern, choose an instructor who knows your abilities and with whom you would like to work. Before registration begins, visit the instructor during office hours and discuss the internship and the role you would like to play. Instructors approach internships differently, and it is important for students to know what may be involved. Students may be asked to assist with the following tasks: reading and responding to student writing, leading small group discussions, giving brief lectures to a class, meeting students outside of class for informal discussion. Not all instructors ask interns to assist with all of these activities, and not every instructor is willing to have an intern in the classroom. Visit the Department office for a flyer describing internships in more detail.

Undergraduates accepted to an internship should register for English 481: Internship in the Teaching of Writing or Literature (2 units).