Humboldt State University

Literary and Cultural Studies Option

Students in the Literary and Cultural Studies option learn to appraise historical and modern literary, critical and cultural theories in order to read texts in context.  They develop the skills of engaging productively with theory, and of historically situating the production and consumption of texts.


The Course Requirements

Common core (12 units):

ENGL 600 (4)  Graduate Studies Introduction

ENGL 605 (4)  Cultural Studies Introduction

ENGL 611 (4)  Reading and Writing Pedagogy I

Option requirements (24 units):

ENGL 536 (4)  Problems in Form, Genre, Media

ENGL 546 (4)  Reading Historically

ENGL 560 (4)  Special Topics in Literature

ENGL 620 (4)  Seminar in Critical Theory

Additional 8 units from the Composition Studies and Pedagogy emphasis

Reading knowledge of a language other than English (or 2 college semesters of the same language)

Culminating requirement (4 - 8 units):

ENGL 690 (4)  Master’s Project (may be repeated once if not completed in one semester)


TOTAL:  40-44 units