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BA + MA in English Program - Applied English Studies (Coming Soon in Fall 2019)

What is a blended program?

The blended program in Applied English Studies offers exceptional students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years (150-unit minimum). Students complete 17-18 units per semester their first three years. They transition from undergraduate to graduate status seamlessly, beginning graduate-level courses in their fourth year and completing the English MA degree requirements during their fifth year.

What Is Applied English Studies?

The BA + MA in English—with an emphasis in Applied English Studies—offers a comprehensive curriculum meant to prepare students for a range of pursuits. With an emphasis on professional development, the program prepares students for Ph.D. programs and jobs in college teaching as well as careers in publishing, editing, professional writing, librarianship, digital scholarship, and teaching English abroad.

You’ll study how language acts upon the world in order to communicate effectively with diverse communities, in both print and digital media. You’ll participate in conversations about social justice, pedagogy, literature, writing, and representation that extend beyond the classroom and hone your skills in critical reading, writing, teaching, research, and digital humanities. Working one-on-one with faculty and in a supportive cohort of emerging writers and scholars, you’ll apply learning in real-world settings—in the community, in the university library, in the classroom and writing center. The program values the deep connection between theory and practice and emphasizes hands-on learning through teaching assistantships, tutoring positions, and internships in digital humanities, ESL/EFL, library curating and archiving, teaching, editing, and tutoring.

Students interested in the blended BA+MA program in English should seek advising from the graduate coordinator during their first semester at HSU.

Required Undergraduate English Courses (40 units + language)

  •  One year of a language other than English taken at the college level

Required graduate courses: (8) 4-unit seminars + thesis project = 34 units

  • Graduate Studies Introduction (ENGL 600)
  • Cultural Studies Introduction (ENGL 605)
  • Digital Humanities (ENGL 615)
  • Teaching ESL Reading & Writing (ENGL 614)
  • Theory of Rhetoric and Composition (ENGL 612)
  • Reading & Writing Pedagogy (ENGL 611)
  • Reading Historicaly (ENGL 546)
  • Problems in Form, Genre, Media (ENGL 536)
  • Master’s Thesis Project (ENGL 690)
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How to Apply

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For additional information about our 5-Year blended BA+MA program in English, please contact:
Janet Winston, Graduate Coordinator
707.826.3913 | winston@humboldt.edu | FH 213
Teri Bronder-Lewis, Administrative Support Coordinator
707.826.5931 | teri.bronder-lewis@humboldt.edu | FH 201