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Amann, Nicolette

Amann, Nicolette

Composition, GWPE Coordinator, Redwood Writing Project Director
Redwood Writing Project Director
M.A., Humboldt State University
Office:  Founders Hall 218
Phone:  707.826.3318
Email:  nicolette.amann@humboldt.edu
Current Research, Scholarly Interests, and Related Activities

Composition; Technology; Professional Development for Teachers of Writing; Vertical Articulation; ERWC; Curriculum Design and Assessment


Courses Taught

  • English 40: Writing Confidence / Intensive Learning
  • English 60: Intensive Reading and Composition--Activity
  • English 100/A: First-Year Reading and Composition
  • English 102 & 103: Composition and Rhetoric A & B
  • English 104: Accelerated Composition and Rhetoric
  • English 101: Critical Writing
  • English 105: Introduction to Literature
  • English 200: Academic Writing and Revision Workshop
  • English 424: Communication in Writing I