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Hahn, Laura

Hahn, Laura

Department Chair
Chair of the Department of English
Professor of Communication
CAHSS Faculty Leadership Fellow (2015-2016)
Ph.D., The Ohio State University (Communication)
M.A., San Francisco State University (Communication)
B.A., San Francisco State University (Liberal Studies)
Office English: Founders Hall 201E
Office Communication: Telonicher House, Room 102
Phone English:  707.826.4442; Phone Communication:  707.826.3948
Current Research, Scholarly Interests, and Related Activities
Food Studies; The Rhetoric of Food; Rhetorical Criticism; Gender Communication; Intercultural Communication; Social Advocacy


Recent publications

  • Hahn, Laura K., and Scott T. Paynton. Survey of Communication Study, 2nd ed. (forthcoming HSU Press)
  • Bruner, Michael and Laura Hahn. “Irony and Obesity—The Hunger Pair” included in “Rhetoric and Foodways,” a special forum of Communication Critical/Cultural Studies (Spring 2015).
  • Hahn, Laura K. “Iraq American,” Ethnic American Food Today: A Cultural Encyclopedia. Ed. Lucy Long, AltaMira Press. (2015)
  • Hahn, Laura K. “Freegans and Dumpster Diving,” Encyclopedia of Food Issues, Ed. Ken Albala, Sage Publications. (2015).
  • Hahn, Laura K. “Strikes,” Encyclopedia of Food Issues, Ed. Ken Albala, Sage Publications. (2015)
  • Bruner, Michael, Laura K. Hahn and Nicole Sheldon. “Unhappy with your Food? Communicate!” Communication Currents, 9 (5): 2014.
  • Bruner, Michael, Laura K. Hahn and Nicole Sheldon, “The Petition Clause and Food Advocacy,” Journal of First Amendment Studies, 48 (1): 2014, 61-76.
  • Hahn, Laura K. and Michael Bruner, “Film, Food and Finances: Students Engaging in Food Insecurity,” Teaching Media Quarterly, 2(2): 2014, 1-11.
  • Foss, Karen A., Sonja K. Foss, Scott T. Paynton and Laura K. Hahn. “Increasing College Retention with a Personalized System of Instruction: A Case Study,” Journal of Case Studies in Education, 5: 2014.
  • Hahn, Laura K. “Ancillary Materials” for Gender, Race and Class in Media (4th ed.) Sage Publications, 2014.
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