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Graduate Emphases in English

The MA in English increases the sophistication of students’ critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. The program provides students with a facility in conducting research in online, alternative media, and print sources. While giving students an advanced understanding of disciplinary knowledge, the MA program also provides them with an awareness of the current state and relevant issues of the discipline. Thus, students in all emphases cultivate the habits of intellectual engagement, analytical depth, and complexity of thought.
The goals of the M.A. in English are to:
  • Mentor students to achieve graduate-level thinking and writing, including clarity and precision of language;
  • Develop students’ fluency in theory and their ability to locate texts in multiple cultural and historical contexts in complex ways;
  • Provide students with the knowledge to define an area of inquiry in the discipline and its relation to the field at large;
  • Prepare students for (or enhance students’ ongoing) careers in the teaching of composition, literature, linguistics, or English as a second language and/or prepare them for Ph.D. programs in English and related fields.
The department offers several emphases for Master’s study:
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For additional information about our graduate program, please contact:
Janet Winston, Graduate Coordinator
707.826.3913 | winston@humbold.edu | FH 213
Jana Ashbrook, Graduate Program & Administrative Support Assistant
707.826.3758 | Jana.Ashbrook@humboldt.edu | FH 201