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Concentration C: Major in Teaching Language Arts

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  • Core Courses, Required
    English 120: Introduction to the Major OR
    English 220: Literature, Identity, Representation
    English 225: Introduction to Language Analysis
    English 320: Practical Criticism*
    *English 320 pre-requisite for most upper division literature courses
  • Take All of the Following Courses
    English 230 or 231: Survey of British Literature
    English 232: Survey of American Literature
    English 240: World Literature
    English 328: Structure of American English
    English 336: American Ethnic Literature
    English 342: Special Topics in Shakespeare
    English 344: Young Adult Literature
    English 406: Theory of Composition
    English 426: Communication in Writing II
    English 435: Introduction to English as a Second/Foreign Language
  • Take Eight Units from One of the Following Extended Study Options
    • Literature and Language
      English 325: History of English Language
      English 330: American Literature
      English 350: British Literature
      English 360: Topics in Literature/Language
      English 370: Topics in the Literature of Power and Place
      English 420: Advanced Topics in Critical Theory
      English 465B/C: Multicultural Issues in Language and Literature
    • Writing
      English 211: Introduction to Creative Writing
      English 311: Environmental Writing
      English 314: Creative Writing: Nonfiction Writing*
      English 315: Creative Writing: Fiction*
      English 316: Creative Writing: Poetry*
      English 422: Advanced Research Writing
      English 450: Tutoring Developing Writers
      English 460: Literary Editing and Publishing
      English 461: Literary Magazines and Contemporary Audiences
      *ENGL 211 a pre-requisite
    • Language Acquisition and Development
      English 417: Second-Language Acquisition *
      English 436: Integrating Language & Content in English **
      Six semester units of a second language taken at a university or at an intensive language program.
      * English 328 must be taken concurrently with or before 417
      ** English 435 must be taken before 436

Required to Apply for a California Credential Program:
SED 210/410: Early Fieldwork Experience in Schools / Observation and Participation.

Students who complete the core courses and the Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Depth Option will have completed the coursework required for a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and the coursework required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate. This certificate is awarded by the Commission after obtaining a basic California teaching certificate. Students must apply for the TESL minor using the Minor Declaration form from the Registrar's Office.