Humboldt State University

Peace Corps Service with TESL Emphasis (MIP)

The Peace Corps Service with TESL Emphasis, offered in conjunction with the Peace Corps, offers students the chance to combine academic course work with practical field experience in a foreign country.  Students accepted into this program by the department begin by applying to the Peace Corps immediately after admission into our graduate program.  They first complete one year of coursework at HSU and then, if accepted into the Peace Corps, will complete approximately 12 weeks of pre-service training, and then become Peace Corps volunteers and begin a two-year tour of service teaching English as a second language in their country of assignment.  While doing service, students are on educational leave from the university and do not pay tuition or fees.  After returning to HSU, students will complete further academic work, and complete a project for the degree.  This may take one or two semesters, depending on course availability.  Students will have earned a Master of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in teaching English as Second Language (TESL).  

The Course Requirements

Common core (12 units):

ENGL 600 (4)  Graduate Studies Introduction

ENGL 605 (4)  Cultural Studies Introduction

ENGL 611 (4)  Reading and Writing Pedagogy I

Option Requirements (28 units):

ENGL 417 (3)  Second Language Acquisition

ENGL 436 (3)  Integrating Language & Content in English

ENGL 614 (4)  Teaching ESL Writing

ENGL 615 (4)  Writing for Change Workshop

ENGL 618 (4)  Linguistic & Rhetorical Approaches to Writing,


ENGL 328 (4)  Structure of American English

ENGL 635 (4)  Issues in English as a Second/Foreign Language

ENGL 684 (2)  Internship in teaching ESL (must be taken before Peace Corps service)

ENGL 694 (4)  Reflections on Field Experience  (work done while in service; register for course to receive credit after returning from service)

Modern language study (2 college semesters of same language, if not already completed)

Culminating Requirement (2-4 units):

ENGL 695 (2) Critical Analysis of Field Experience (may be repeated once if not completed in one semester)

TOTAL:  46-48 units