Humboldt State University

TESL Minor for the MA

The TESL Minor for the MA is designed for students who plan to teach in colleges in the U.S. or to teach ESL or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) abroad.  For Masters International (MIP) students who take ENGL 618 rather than ENGL 328, this minor is embedded in the MIP requirements. The TESL Minor for the MA is thus achieved by completion of the MIP graduate degree.

Minor Course Requirements

Take all of the following courses

ENGL 417 (3)  Second Language Acquisition

ENGL 614 (4)  Teaching ESL Writing

ENGL 618 (4)  Linguistic & Rhetorical Approaches to Writing*

ENGL 635 (4)  Issues in English as a Second/Foreign Language

Modern language study (2 college semesters of same language, if not already completed)


*ENGL 328, Structure of American English, is a prerequisite for ENGL 618