Humboldt State University

Writing Practices

  • Take All Four Core Courses
    English 120: Introduction to the Major
    English 220: Literature, Identity, Representation
    English 225: Introduction to Language Analysis
    English 320: Practical Criticism


  • Take Sixteen Units from the Following Courses, Twelve of Which Must Be Upper-Division Units
    English 205: Introduction to Creative Writing
    English 311: Environmental Writing
    English 314: Creative Writing: Nonfiction
    English 315: Creative Writing: Fiction
    English 316: Creative Writing: Poetry
    English 460: Toyon Literary Magazine
    English 480: Special Topics


  • Take One of the Following  Courses from the Writing Literary Studies (A)
    English 325: History of the English Language
    English 330: Topics in American Literature 
    English 342: Topics in Shakespeare
    English 350: Topics in British Literature
    English 360: Topics in Literature/Language
    English 370: Topics in Literature of Power and Place
    English 465: Multicultural Issues in Language and Literature
    English 480: Special Topics


  • Take One of the Following Courses from the Teaching Language Arts Pathway (C)
    English 328: Structure of American English
    English 336: American Ethnic Literature 
    English 344: Young Adult Literature
    English 406: Theory of Composition
    English 417: Second Language Acquisition
    English 426: Communication in Writing II
    English 435: Issues in ESL/EFL
    English 436: Integrating Language & Content in English


  • Take One Year of a Language Other Than English Taken at the College Level

  • Take English 490: Senior Portfolio Seminar Capstone Course

  • Submit a Passing Senior Portfolio