Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with concepts and tools for understanding the complex relationships between human communities and both "natural" and built environments.

Students who pursue a degree in environmental studies gain knowledge of ecological science with a broad and deep understanding of human systems, all informed by careful reflection upon normative concerns and values.

Students table at the Fall 2015 Club Rush

Environmental Studies students tabled at the recent Club Rush event on the quad.

Welcome HSU ENST Students to Fall 2015!

Besides greeting a record 37 new majors this fall, ENST majors and the program are busy building community.

See what major Hannah Zivolich has to say about the year so far:

Fall 2015 has kicked off to a great start as an Environmental Studies major here at HSU. Having an interdisciplinary major means that we have many opportunities to participate in events on and off campus that truly align with our education and activism.

One such event that I recently attended was the True North convergence in Hoopa. This event brought activists and community organizers together in amazing and inspiring ways. If you’re interested in learning more about community organizing in local activist groups, I definitely suggest looking further into groups like True North.

The book of the year was also performed in an empowering play last week called Salmon is Everything. This production not only displayed how incredibly talented our students and community members are, but it also brought back much-required local discussions about issues that still affect our area.

We also had a needed convergence of our major when CCAT hosted a “Welcome Back Bash” for all ENST (and prospective) majors. This truly seems like a group of passionate, driven people and I am so excited to take part and observe.

If you are unsure of where your involvement in this major will take you…read on.

Being an ENST major does not just mean attending the sustainable speaker series (which you should attend anyway because Carolyn Finney's talk changed my life last year) or simply going to sustainable classes at CCAT (which you should also do because there is so much to learn FOR FREE and I’m going to be giving an interactive series of gardening workshops) and definitely not limited to involvement in the fruit tree alliance (these people are planting fruit trees on our campus, that’s pretty darn awesome) or being directly involved with food justice on and off campus (the food pantry will be handing out FREE produce every Wednesday!)… or wait that sounds like a lot of really cool stuff…

Did I mention Food Not Bombs or the Anarchist Bookfair? Did I mention that every fall the campus holds a Campus Dialogue on Race? Have you checked out the Women’s Resource Center yet? Or the informational meeting about the Westside logging project at Karuk Department of Natural Resources? Did anyone tell you about the intercultural skill share gathering in October? Did you know that transition Humboldt is meeting at CCAT in September to talk about building tiny houses for people who want homes? Have you checked out the student club F.R.E.E. yet? What are you still doing looking at this post?? If you’re able and you find some time among all the other parts of the day, go check out these amazing opportunities! Movement is happening all around you; all you need to do is look.

~ Hannah Zovolich
Humboldt State University
Environmental Studies Major

Join the Environmental Studies Student Club!

As of 2015, ENST majors launched an Environmental Studies Club. The mission of the club is: “To use the many lenses and mindsets of interdisciplinary perspectives to facilitate discussion on and prompt awareness of environmental issues.” Opportunities for community involvement, leadership positions, organizing around environmental events, film screenings, inviting speakers, and socializing abound. Please consider joining by sending an email to program leader Sarah Ray, who will forward your contact to the club leaders.

Graduate Programs

Humboldt State also offers several environmental studies related opportunities at the graduate level.

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