Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with concepts and tools for understanding the complex relationships between human communities and both "natural" and built environments.

Students who pursue a degree in environmental studies gain knowledge of ecological science with a broad and deep understanding of human systems, all informed by careful reflection upon normative concerns and values.

Environmental Studies Students Attend Climate March in Oakland on February 7, 2015

Environmental Studies students attend the Climate March in Oakland on February 7, 2015. Photo by Ivan De Soto

New - Student Club!

As of 2015, ENST majors launched an Environmental Studies Club. The mission of the club is: “To use the many lenses and mindsets of interdisciplinary perspectives to facilitate discussion on and prompt awareness of environmental issues.” Opportunities for community involvement, leadership positions, organizing around environmental events, film screenings, inviting speakers, and socializing abound. Please consider joining by sending an email to program leader Sarah Ray, who will forward your contact to the club leaders.


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Graduate Programs

Humboldt State also offers several environmental studies related opportunities at the graduate level.

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