Environmental Studies Majors

Meet Hannah Zivolich

Hannah Zivolich

Where are you from?
Orange County, California

What's your favorite thing about HSU so far?
Sarah Ray. No but really, the constant support and solidarity I feel from my peers. The opportunities and experiences that I have had from stepping far outside of my comfort zone. The amount that I learn each day in and out of the classroom.

Why did you choose the ENST major?
I love people. I believe in social justice and in environmental justice. I’m an activist in school so I chose the major that most aligned with my perceptions of liberation.

What is your dream job?
Being a community Organizer. I want to go into communities where my recourses and skills are asked for in order to empower people to grow their own food with new or old methods.

Meet Kira Yeomans

Kira Yeomans Where are you from?

What's your favorite thing about HSU so far?
My favorite thing about HSU so far is that I'm surrounded by a community that cares about the same things I do; the professors are passionate and my adviser is very supportive!

Why did you choose the ENST major?
I chose the ENST major becuase beyond wanting to protect the environment, I wanted to learn more about how power and privilege play a huge part in global dynamics.

What is your dream job?
My dream career would be running a non-profit organization that supports attaining rights for the underprivileged, especially when it comes to environmental justice.

Meet Carlrey Delcastillo

Carlrey DecastilloWhere are you from?
I am from Fontana, California.

What has been your favorite thing about HSU so far?
My favorite thing about HSU so far has been the openness for change. It seems as though people are very open minded and willing to see past things for what they may seem to be and stick around to see things for what they truly are and their potential.

Why did you choose the ENST major?
In 6th grade, my teacher taught us about global warming. As a kid it really freaked me out but I realized I wanted to do something about it. I walked out of middle school being known as one of the few "tree-huggers" in the school. In high school my AP Environmental Science class made me realize that the world was not black and white but a whole bunch of grey. I knew I wanted to pursue this passion but I didn't really like the science part of Environmental Science. I also realized that something that really "got me going" was the injustices occurring to people and workers through documentaries such as "Tapped" and the awesome movie “Erin Brockovich". ENST was the best pick for me because it deals with people, who in the long run will have a positive impact on the environment.

What advice would you give prospective ENST majors?
I think that ENST is an amazing major and would recommend everyone to at least check it out. I know that at first it is a little hard to really understand what it is, but once you get that it is more than merely "studying the environment" you see all the places you can go with it and all the change you can make.