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The Environmental Studies Program is a relatively new program, first established in 2012.  For that reason, we do not have that many alumni updates yet.  Our first class of ENST majors graduated in 2015.  If you are one of those graduates from the 2015 class, we want to hear from you!  Please, send us your updates using the link below or email the ENST program leader, Dr. Sarah Ray at Sarah.Ray@humboldt.edu.

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Alumni Updates

Shiloh Green, Class of 2016

After graduating with a major in ENST and an emphasis in Community Organizing, I will intern as a Sustainable Gardener with the Marion-Polk Food Share Youth program in Oregon on a youth garden that helps to mitigate food justice issues in Marion and Polk counties. After the summer, I will begin a position with the Westside Community Improvement Association in Eureka teaching young people about food (in)security through gardening, harvesting, cooking, baking, and food preservation. My long-term career goal is to run a non-profit having to do with gardens and mitigating food justice issues, so these opportunities are moving me in that direction. During my time at HSU, I was very involved in WRRAP, I led environmental justice workshops for GIS Day and other events, I helped found the ENST Student Club, and I did a lot of work to help with ENST program development. The job and internship I have are directly related to my studies, extracurricular activities, and senior capstone project.



Alexander Goforth, Class of 2016

Alexander Goforth '16 got a job working at Blackbird Farms in Anderson Valley. Blackbird Farms is a sustainable living ranch that has partnered with the organization Pathways to Education to teach at-risk youth about sustainability and self-reliance.  Alex will be their garden and barn assistant, work with high school students, and engage with their sustainable living curriculum. Alex will be residing on the farm, living in a cabin, and getting paid--to work with the land and young people. As he says, "If I was any more stoked about this than I already am, I would spontaneously combust."

Robin Rader, Class of 2015

Currently, I am volunteering for a non profit youth farm called Grow Dat. We work collaboratively to produce healthy food for local residents and to inspire people to make healthy changes personally, socially, and environmentally in their own communities. I volunteer at other small gardening projects around town as well.
During my last semester or two at HSU, I really got into food justice stuff, especially after watching Ron Finley's Ted talk and learning about the Guerilla Gardening movements all around the world. I am still interested in the food justice movement, but I think I will be moving to Colorado this summer and really want to work as a wildlife technician or an environmental scientist for a bit. I will continue to volunteer any extra time outside of work, if not start my own garden where ever I move next. There's something about volunteering that I just love; if I could afford to not work and just volunteer my life away with different youth groups and communities setting up gardens or doing environmental restorations projects like I did with the Environmental resource club on campus, that would be ideal.