Completed Theses and Projects

Adelman, Alisha: An Assessment of Cumulative Influences on Returning Sea Campers' Self Efficacy and Environmental Ethics, May 2013

Aldinger, Sarah: Rural Resilience: Local Agriculture and Adaptations to Cycles of Change in Hayfork, California, May 2015

Allred, Danielle: Feasibility of a Volunteer Dog-Walking Program for High School Students and Shelter Dogs in Chico, California, May 2013

Barker, Amanda: The environment, Christianity, and the Roman Empire: an ecological interpretation , December 2007

Barnett, Jyl: Farm-to-School in Humboldt County: Opportunites for Economic Growth for Small Farmers and Strategies for Change in Public Schools, November 2005

Beer, Christopher Todd: Participatory Development and the Ugunja Community Resource Center, December 2003

Benson, Chelsea L.: Changing Places: Children's Experiences during Middle Childhood, May 2009

Bergeson, Alysha.: Advertised Identity: A Postmodern Feminist Analysis of Food Advertisements From Women's Magazines During the 1950s, 1960s, and 2000s, July 2014

Berhanu, Bilen: Food in a Social Context: Community Gardens in New York City, May 2011

Boni Bramble, Portia: A Survivor's Guide to Running Farmers' Markets: The North Coast Growers' Association Experience, Humboldt County, California, December 2009

Brain, Flora H.: Eating Totem Salmon: Exploring Extinction and Collaborative Restoration in a Coastal California Watershed Community, May 2012

Braggs, Sierra: Earth First!: The Rise of Eco-Action, December 2012

Braggs, James Edward, Jr.: The Southern Freedom Movement Assembly: Reflections on the People's Movement Assembly as a Convivial Tool, July 2014

Brindle, Stephanie F.: Small Farms, Big Barriers: Political Implications of Agricultural Regulation in Wright County, Iowa, May 2011

Bridgewater, Emily.: Responses to Sea Level Rise Along the Coast of California: Case Studies of Adaptive Practices, July 2014

Burak, Gretchen: Analysis of a Regional Food Initiative: A Case Study of the Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition, August 2012

Cannon, Amanda C.: Giving Voice to Juana Maria's People: The Organization of Shelland Exotic Stone Artifact Production and Trade at a Late Holocene Village on San Nicolas Island, California, August 2006

Carroll, Allyson: Organic Agriculture in Humboldt County, From a Social Movement to Economic Development: Interviews with Organic Dairy and Row Crop Farmers, July 2006

Caurant, Christine: Framing is Important, But Not Everything: A Comparison of the Success and Failure of the Anti-GE Campaigns in Mendocino County and Butte County, California, December 2006.

Clapper, Laura: Microlending and Its Role in Building Community Networks, May 2005

Conway, Michael: Analyzing Interventions for Increasing Bicycle Commuting, May 2012

Curran, Rachel: The Water Privatization Debate: A Critique of and Alternative to the International Financial Institutions' Promotion of the Private Provision of Water Services, April 2006

De La Rosa, Laura: Latinos and Their Environment in Humboldt County: An Outreach and Radio Program, August 2003

DeLello, Courtney: Community Supported Agriculture: A Case Study in Humboldt County, May 2004

Dempsey, Daniel John: Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable Conditions: The California Conservation Corps and the Young Adult Transition, May 2012

Dickens, Rebekah: Ecological and Social Considerations in Tropical Forest Conservation: A Case Study in Ecuador, May 2013

Donovan-Kaloust, Margaret: A Period of Consequences: Global Warming, Social Justice and a New Transnational Activist Network, August 2007

Eden, Jessica: Environmental Radio: Exploring the Confluence of People and Place, March 2010

Emenaker, Ryan: Corporations and Resistance in the Redwood Empire: Towards a Corporate History of Humboldt County (1579-1906), December 2005

Escarcega Gomes, Vanessa Rae: Participatory Planning in Community Organizations: A Study of Best Practices, December 2010

Espinosa, Victor.: Toward La Otra Comunidad: Zapatismo and Grassroots Community Formation in Humboldt County, CA, December 2014

Fairchild, Kathleen Sullivan: Full Circle: Returning the Power of Oral History to the Community of Big Lagoon, California, Through Tsunami Education and Planning, December 2012

Faris, Natalie A.: Sprouting Seeds of Sustainability: Lessons in School Supported Agriculture, May 2012

Fortner, Suzanne M: Nature Education In and Out of the Classroom: Teacher Resources for the Bay to Dunes Field Trip Program, May 2010

Fox, Brandy A.: Creating Affordable and Livable Communities in the Sierra Nevada, December 22, 2003

Fuller, Michelle Marie: Herding Cats: Grassroots and Centralized Organizing in the Case of California’s Fire Safe Councils, May 2012

Fusaro, Jennifer: Exploring the potential benefits and challenges to collaboration between small farmers and veterans, August 2010

Gaskins, Alisha Susan Clompus.: International Reproductive Health: A Perspective on Research, Policy, and Practice, May 2011

Gergits, Carrie: Experimental Learning: Bay to Dunes Education-In and Out of the Classrooms, June 2003

Gibson, Ellen: Rural Settlement Patterns and Growth Management: A Study of Farmland Loss in Humboldt County, August 2004

Gilner, Dan.: Securing Water Supply: A Critical Examination of Private Sector Participation in United States Municipal Water Services, May 2014

Glover, Katherine D.: Humboldt Bay Initiative: A Case Study of the Applicability of Ecosystem-Based Management for Collaborative Resource Management, December 2011

Guerra, Suzanne.: The Cultural Landscape of Northcoast Lumber Communities, December 2014

Guzman, Adriana R.: Salmon is Everything: The Emergence and Development of Eco-drama in the Context of the Klamath Salmon Crisis and an Examination of its Role as a Pedagogical Tool, December 2012

Harris, Megan: Examining Structural Poverty in Cooperation With the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign: A Participatory Action Research Project, May 2011

Holmlund, Robert: Fish, Forests, Fire, and Freedom: Infringements of Karuk Religious Freedom Through Federal Natural Resource Management, May 2006

Hosbach, Alyssa Camilla: Managing Land for Resilience:A Comparative Analysis of Conservation Planning and Holistic Management, May 2012

Hughes, Laura M. Cultivating Just Food: Exploring Inclusion and Inequality in Community Food Systems, April 2011

Immitt, Cybelle: The Potential of Community Action Plans to Promote Economic Revitalization Through Rural County Planning, December 2009

Johnson, Calder:Sustainable Theatre: An Analysis of Theories and Practices, May 2009

Jones, Tamira E.A.: Faith Based Environmental Ethics: A Case Study of Jaguar Creek, Belize, May 2003

Kallenberger, Bruce: Defining Water Rights for the Greater Klamath Basin: Issues of Social Justice, May 2003

Keeble, Sarah Morgan: Female Entrepreneurship in Mendocino County, California, December 2009

Keesling, Elizabeth. Sustainable Agriculture at the University of California: Knowledge, Technology, and Development for the Benefit of Whom? May 2014

King, Morgan: The Environment at Risk: Ecological Crisis and Environmental Education in our Public Schools, May 2003

Kliejunas, Mary M.: Cultural Resource Management During the Suppression of Wildland Fires: Roles and Relationships, May 2005

Knapp, Dawna Kristin: Environmental Justice on the California-Mexico Border: A Border Reality Tour Reader, August 2003

Lagasse, Brennan: Waiting for the Snow to Fall: First Nations, Federal Policy, and Environmental Justice, August 2008

L'Annunziata, Elena: Following the plant: the political ecology of a Hmong community garden, December 2010

Lawlor, David: The Prospect of Psychedelic Use as a Tool in Realizing a Transpersonal Ecology, December 2008

Leslie, Kerry: Mending the Gap: Latino Involvement With Mainstream and Local Environmental Organizations, a Pilot Study in Los Angeles County, California, May 2013

Liegel, Lora H.: Landscapes in Transition: Exploring the Intersections Between Land Use Planning and Water Management in Henry’s Fork Watershed, Idaho, April 2011

Magruder, Carl: Confessions of an Earthquake: Toward Testimony on the Unity of Creation, July 2003

Mall, Jennifer Anne: Autonomy, Justice and Expertise in Land Use Planning: How Home Rule Shapes Thought and Policy in One New York Town, December 2011

Maloney, Ruthie.: Visionary Policy: The Tribal Water Stories Project, December 2014

Maravilla, Kimberly Nicole: Personal Growth through Guided Discoveries: An Assessment of Returning Sea Campers’ Self-Efficacy and Environmental Ethics, May 2012

Matsumoto, Elizabeth R.: A Market Study and Financial Feasibility Analysis of Permanent Supportive Housing for Mentally Ill Homeless Individuals Residing in Humboldt County, California, August 2006

Mayberry, Jennifer A.: Community Wildfire Preparedness: Balancing Community Safety and Ecosystem Sustainability in Southern California Chaparral, March 2011

Maksim, Jennifer: Birth Control, Borders, and the Bomb: An Intersectional Feminist Genealogy of Sierra Club Population Discourse, May 2013

McIntosh, Cinnamon: Local Water Resource Curriculum for Santa Barbara County, November 2010

Melinkoff, Alexander: Los Angeles Urban Agriculture: A Deep Ecology and Ecopsychology Perspective on Environmentalism, December 2012

Menzies, Scott: From the Local Pub to the Corner Store: A Pilot Study on the Importance of Small, Independent Businesses as Sites of Passive Community Building, December 2008

Merwin, Naomi: Collaborative National Forest Management in Trinity County, California, December 2013

Miles, Elizabeth Vera.: From the Farm to the Plate: Discourse and Perceptions of Local Food in Humboldt County, CA, May 2011

Milz, Jessica: Awareness of Environmental Justice for Latinos in Humboldt County- A Survey of Environmental and Social Organizations, August 2007

Ollar, Alexis: Planting Seeds for Sustainability: Identifying Potential Food Insecure Regions of Humboldt County, Utilizing Geographic Information Systems, May 2011

Owen, Anna C.: Industrial and Nutritional Hemp in Manitoba: A Case Study Exploring Stakeholder Strategies and Legitimacy, August 2012

Page, Sam McEwen: Building Foundation of Solidarity Across Prison Walls: Spaces of Horizontal Knowledge Production and Transformative Resistance Within Environments of Oppression, Violence, and Social Control, December 2011

Peacock, Neil: Redevelopment of the Georgia-Pacific mill site; options and alternatives for public participation and stakeholder collaboration in the planning process, May 2008

Prescott, Christy: Dual Economies or Dueling Economies? An Analysis of the Intersection of the Cash and Subsistence Economies from the Social Sustainability Perspective, May 2007

Price-Hall, Rebecca S.: Water Policy and Prosperity in Humboldt County, May 2005

Quinn-Davidson, Lenya N.: Prescribed Fire: Influences on Community Support and Management Activities in Northern California, December 2009

Raskin, Karen: A Heritage Preservation Needs Assessment for the Yager/Van Duzen Environmental Stewards, May 2015

Rawal, Jyoti.: Libraries of the Future: Learning Commons, a Case Study of a State University in California, December 2014.

Saklar, JenniferClean Air Requires Everyone: A Community Guidebook to Achieve Healthier Air in the San Joaquin Valley, May 2008

Sanderson, Heather: Considering Problems of Service and Utilizing Solutions: Development of an Educational Tool to Assist Servers, August 2010

Schwarzbach, Anna Rose: Planning for Sustainable Alternate Transportation Programs: Gasoline Prices and Behavior in Humboldt County, CA, August 2012

Sears, Judith Ann: Building Local Capacity for Disaster Response: An Assessment of Community Emergency Response Models in Rural Areas, December 2012

Shakal, Sarah: The Don Pedro Project and the Integrated Licensing Process: A Process Analysis of Stakeholder Collaboration in Reservoir Relicensing, May 2012

Sorrells, Breanne M: Resources as Resistance: An Intersectional Feminist Approach to Healthcare Access and Advocacy Through Patient Navigation, April 2010

Sparks, Grace M.: Conserving Working Landscapes and Open Space: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Private Parcels Suitable for Conservation Easements in Calaveras County, CA, December 2012

Stercho, Amy M.: The Importance of Place-Based Fisheries to the Karuk Tribe of California: A Socioeconomic Study, August 2006

Suarez, Megan Elizabeth: Learning in Place: Environmental Education for Humboldt County, April 2003

Tainow, Daniel W.: Farm to School in Humboldt County: What Form Should it Take, August 2003

Topel, Kerry: Social Opportunities and Obstacles to Sustainable Rural Community Development: McCloud, California’s Experience With Nestle Waters North America, October 2010

Turner, Edgar Craig Jr.: Everyday geography in Humboldt County schools: an exploration of place-based education, August 2009

Unmack, Jessica M.: Collaborative environmental stewardship in the Van Duzen River watershed, Humboldt County, California, May 2011

Vazquez, Vanessa McKenna: Edible Arcata: A GIS Perspective for a Local Food-Loving Community in Humboldt County, California, February 2012

Walker, Dawn: Feeding Our Families: Reconnecting with Food, the Earth, and Each Other, December 2014

Waxman, Deboarh T.: Creating Affordable Housing in Humboldt County, May 2006

West, Haley: Home gardens of Humboldt County: exploring the politics of knowledge, reciprocity and community, May 2011

Whatcott, Jessica A.: The Politics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: An Intersectional Feminist Audit of Institutions and Discourses in Humboldt County, California, April 2011

Wright, Jay D.: A Policy Analysis of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Hydroelectric Relicensing Process, August 2006

Zalarvis-Chase, Dimitra: Predictive Model of the Wiyot Cultural Area in Northwest Coastal California, December 2010

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