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What’s special about the Department of Environmental Science and Management (ESM) at Humboldt?

Students working on campus

Connecting People With The Environment

Our world is at a crossroads. We need to protect the environment, yet our growing population is poised to consume more resources than ever before. Our programs in Environmental Science & Management develop professionals capable of addressing this issue. Our graduates develop ways for humanity to satisfy its needs without degrading the earth, help communities understand, appreciate and restore the natural world, and use the latest technology to map and analyze changes in the environment. Our programs prepare you to succeed in a wide range of careers, by providing you with a broad and versatile education.

Classroom instruction is integrated with hands-on field experience and practiced in our easily accessible natural environment.

The faculty is committed to teaching while conducting on-going professional research.

The curriculum in ESM:

Current students and graduates alike have earned strong reputations and have a high rate of job-placement.