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Dr. Yvonne Everett

Professor of Environmental Planning
Graduate Faculty

I was raised in California and in Germany and early on learned to love the redwoods and mixed hardood forests and the Bavarian and South Tyrolian Alps. After working in community forestry and community based GIS with non governmental organizations for a number of years, I began teaching at HSU in 1998.

Time spent traveling and NGO work have made me value groundedness, experiential learning and applied research. With forests, beaches and local government, state and federal agency offices just minutes away, my students and I take advantage of proximity and spend a lot of our time out in the field – whether exploring local ecosystems, meeting resource managers or working with concerned citizens to address environmental planning issues.

My research interests include forest ecology and watershed management, community forestry, public and cross-jurisdictional land use planning and management, and participatory research and planning processes. My work is informed by sustainability science - an applied and interdisciplinary approach to working toward more resilient ecosystems including their human communities.

Community based fire and hazard management planning, Klamath River watershed issues, forest restoration, and management of non timber forest products (NTFPs) have been key areas of focus in California the Pacific Northwest. In Sri Lanka, I work with colleagues on watershed restoration, landcare, community forestry and disaster response and rehabilitation.

Contact Information
Specialty Area

Environmental and Natural Resources Planning


PhD UC Berkeley Wildland Resource Science - Landscape Ecology
MS US Berkeley Wildland Resource Science – Agroforestry
BA Pomona College International Relations

Courses Taught

EMP109 – Shake Rattle and Roll: Organizing Communities for Disaster
EMP 325 – Environmental Law and Regulation
EMP 360 – Natural Resources Planning Methods
EMP 420 – Ecosystem Analysis
EMP 460 – Environmental Planning for Public Lands and Rural Communities
EMP 475 – Senior Planning Practicum
EMP 482 – Internship
EMP 580 – Ecosystems and Society Graduate Seminar for The Environment and Community Master of Social Science Graduate Program.
EMP 640 – Ecosystems and Society

Research Interests

Applied forest and landscape ecology, community forestry, public and cross-jurisdictional land use planning and management, and participatory research and planning processes.


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