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Degree options in the ESM Department are geared toward getting you ready for your career in the Environmental Science and Management field. A broad range of classes creates a wide knowledge base and develops the highest level of skills. Graduates of our programs are known throughout the country for being the best prepared job candidates. Potential employers will recognize the quality of your HSU education.

First Year Advising Information

Environmental Science and Management

The Environmental Science and Management (ESM) Bachelor’s degree focuses on restoring ecosystems, addressing energy and climate issues, and developing the skills to understand and manage the ever-changing relationship between humans and the natural world.

ESM five year course offering schedule

What You’ll Learn

By the end of their education ESM student will be able to demonstrate:

  1. the ability to apply science to understanding ecosystems and natural resources.
  2. the ability to understand the policy and social implications of environmental issues.
  3. the knowledge and skills to understand, analyze, address and manage the consequences of human actions on the physical, biological, and cultural world.
  4. the knowledge and skills to seek out the information and resources necessary to understand complex environmental issues.
  5. the writing, speaking, and electronic communication skills needed to communicate with the public and professionals concerning the environmental sciences.
  6. the ability to apply critical thinking skills as the basis for decision making and sound value judgments.