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Environmental Management and Protection

Why study Environmental Management and Protection?

The Environmental Management and Protection (EMP) major offers study that centers on developing a harmonious relationship between people and the natural environment in which they live.

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The mission of the EMP major is to provide an educational environment that fosters and develops the capability to analyze, understand, manage and improve the relationship among people, ecosystems and natural resources; to promote an understanding of human/natural resource interactions and how those interactions can be managed to benefit people, while maintaining the character, functioning, and productivity of ecosystems; and to develop the ability to reason and use sound scientific judgment, and develop a commitment to honesty and integrity in applying scientific principles in the public debate regarding natural resource management.

In the EMP major, you will learn:

Degree options in the EMP program allow you to discover the intricate balance of people and nature while gaining a broad spectrum of knowledge. From remote sensing technologies to managing recreational use of our country’s natural resources, explore the complex relationship between human society and the demands we place on our natural ecosystems.

EMP five year course offering schedule