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Environmental Planning Option

Balancing the needs of humans with environmental conservation

The Environmental Planning Option focuses on how to best manage our use of natural resources today while sustaining the ecosystems they are drawn from for the future. We are surrounded by the perfect laboratory for studying this field. Does designing a wetland restoration plan for Redwood National Park sound fun? Are you interested in protecting and managing forests, wildlife, or coastal dunes by creating innovative conservation plans with local agencies and organizations? Do you want to help communities reduce sprawl, protect working landscapes and plan for healthy lifestyles with pedestrian friendly and energy efficient design?  Our curriculum introduces you to natural sciences and the legal and regulatory context in which environmental resources are planned for and managed. You will learn the theories underlying planning practice and scientific analysis methods that are widely used in planning and conservation efforts. You will also become familiar with various approaches to public participation and conflict resolution, as well as technical skills such as geospatial analysis and environmental impact assessment.  Click here to view a short powerpoint presentation about the planning option.

The knowledge and skills you gain as an environmental planning major at Humboldt State place you in high demand from employers in the natural resources and planning fields, and the uniqueness of our program will give you a competitive edge against other job applicants. Depending on your interests, you could find a career in everything from rural or urban land-use planning with a city or county government or a non-profit advocacy group, to environmental consulting and analysis with a state and federal land management agency or a private firm. You will only find one undergraduate-level natural resource-focused planning program in the country, and it is right here at Humboldt State University.