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Natural Resources Recreation Option

Managing recreation opportunities today while protecting our natural resources for tomorrow.

Would you like to be a park or wilderness ranger in the soaring peaks of the Rocky Mountains or Sierra Nevada? How would it feel to live and work surrounded by the red and orange of the Utah canyonlands?

In the natural resources recreation option, you focus on managing and providing satisfying outdoor recreation opportunities for today, while protecting our natural resources for tomorrow. Recreation students learn to balance the needs of complex ecosystems with the effects outdoor recreation has on these natural systems. Recreation managers plan and implement programs on behalf of some of the country’s most scenic areas. For example, as a recreation planner at Yosemite National Park, you may develop a plan to balance the park’s intense recreational use with protection of the resource, and help determine which recreation activities are appropriate in the park. As a recreation manager with the U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management, you might be responsible for managing recreational use of a Wild and Scenic River, including making decisions about how to minimize the impacts of river recreation. Click here to view a short powerpoint presentation about the recreation option.

If your goal is to lead rafting trips, teach rock climbing, or manage a youth adventure camp or a municipal recreation program, you should check out the Recreation Administration degree program. If you want to play a direct part in protecting our natural resources while providing enjoyable outdoor recreation, you have just found the right option for you.