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Energy and Climate Option

Global climate change is one of the most urgent environmental challenges of the coming century.  Reducing the threat of this problem requires substantial changes in the way that modern societies produce and utilize energy resources.  The Energy and Climate option is designed to provide students with a foundation in climate change-related sciences, as well as a background in important concepts related to energy, economics, and policy.

Work opportunities in areas related to carbon management and climate change mitigation are growing rapidly.  As is true with the other options, students in the Energy and Climate option may find employment in government, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector.

Experience at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) is encouraged. Headquartered on campus at the Buck House, CCAT is a live-in, working demonstration home. Included among the technologies and demonstrations are photovoltaic and wind electric systems, a solar hot water system, a greenhouse passive heating system, a composting privy, a gray water system, and organic gardens. CCAT provides one of many living labs on campus for students in the Energy and Climate option.

Students may also participate in the Green Campus Program to design and implement energy efficient projects and help lead conservation campaigns.