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Graduate Student Research

Learn more about our current and recent graduate student research:

Current Students
NameThesis Topic Advisor
Emily Cooper Estimating potential habitat and Carrying Capacity of Anadromous Salmonid Habitat in the Upper Eel River, California Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Melissa Kimble Mapping Uncertainty for Habitat Suitability Models of North American Tree Species Dr. Jim Graham
Portia Saucedo Habitat Suitability Modeling for Canary Rockfish (Sebastes pinniger) along the Northern California Coast Dr. Jim Graham
Claudia Voigt - Anicipated Graduation 2016 Measuring Recreation Use Impacts on Old-Growth Redwoods Dr. Steven Martin
NameThesis Topic Advisor
Erin Degenstein
Graduated 2015
A Model to Predict the Future Distribution and Spread of Invasive Plants in Wilderness Areas of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, California Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Emily Ferrell
Graduated 2015
Post-Fire Pulses of Aquatic Production: Investigating the Midterm Effects of High-Severity Fire on Headwater Streams in Northwestern California Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Jessica Blackwell
Graduated 2015
Does personal information and communication technology in the wilderness lead to more risk-taking in wilderness? Dr. Steven Martin
Kelsey McDonald
Graduated 2014
Tidal Seed Dispersal Potential of Spartina densiflora in Humboldt Bay (Humboldt County, California) Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Daniel White
Graduated 2014
Recreational Visitor Use of the Headwaters Forest Reserve Dr. Steven Martin
Jim Garner
Graduated 2013
Modeling Pacific fisher behavior and habitat use in the Southern Sierra Nevada Dr. Steven Steinberg
Janene Michaelis
Graduated 2012
A Spatial Modeling Tool for Community Health Risk Assessment: A Case Study of Type II Diabetes Patient Nonadherence in Humboldt County, California. Dr. Steven Steinberg
Jess Morrison
Graduated 2012
Geospatial modeling of population growth scenarios for the Humboldt Bay, California region: adapting SLEUTH to a rural environment Dr. Steven Steinberg
Jason Barnes
Graduated 2012
A socio-spatial and network analysis of entrepreneurship in Mendocino County, California Dr. Steven Steinberg
Iris Koski
Graduated 2012
Landscapes in Transition: Private lands oak woodland management in the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Max Kaufman
Graduated 2012
Ecosystem service value of water supply benefits provided by forest stands in the Mattole River Watershed, California: A bioeconomic and benefit transfer – spatial analysis application. Dr. Yvonne Everett
Matt Mitchell
Graduated 2012
Community Structure of Terrestrial Invertebrates and Habitat Complexity Relationships in Spartina-Invaded and Restored Humboldt Bay Salt Marshes Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Luc Lagarde
Graduated 2012
Invasive Spartina densiflora Brongn. Reduces primary productivity in a northern California salt marsh Dr. Alison O'Dowd
Nicolas Ramirez
Graduated 2011
Modeling Ecotoxicological Stressors Using GIS Dr. Steven Steinberg
Mark Douglas
Graduated 2011
Yosemite Wilderness Visitor Travel Patterns -- Implications for Trailhead Permit Quotas Dr. Steven Martin
Kihyun Kim
Graduated 2011
A comparative institutional analysis of management in urban riparian greenways: the American River Parkway (Sacramento, California) Dr. Yvonne Everett
Emily Walter
Graduated 2010
Invasive Plant Inventory and Management Plan for the Salmon Creek Unit of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Dr. Yvonne Everett
Dan Shyrock
Graduated 2010
Ecological Conditions and Monitoring Standards for Meadows in the John Muir and Ansel Adams Wilderness Areas, CA. Dr. Steven Martin
Kristen Pope
Graduated 2010
Visitor Perceptions of Wilderness Rescue Dr. Steven Martin
Brian R. Davenhall
Graduated 2009
Spatial Interpolation: A simulated analysis of the effects of sampling strategy on interpolation method Dr. Steven Steinberg
Ian McGovern
Graduated 2008
Using Multiple Resolution Digital Images and GIS to determine vegetation sampling locations at Whiskeytown National Recreational Area Dr. Steven Steinberg
Max Korten
Graduated 2008
Developing Quantitative Indicators and Standards for Solitude on the Lost Coast Trail Dr. Steven Martin
Whelan Gilkerson
Graduated 2008
A spatial model of eelgrass (Zostera marina) habitat in Humboldt Bay, California Dr. Steven Steinberg
Zach Jarrett
Graduated 2007
Expectancy-Disconfirmation Theory and Recreation Visitor Satisfaction Dr. Steven Martin
Rebecca Degagne
Graduated 2007
Examining the distribution of Dicymbe corymbosa monodominant forests in western Guyana using satellite imagery Dr. Steven Steinberg
Jennifer Kauffman
Graduated 2007
Development and application of a GIS based evaluation for prioritization of wetland restoration opportunities Dr. Steven Steinberg
Thomas Kirk
Graduated 2007
Landscape-scale habitat associations of the American marten (Martes americana) in the greater Southern Cascades region of California Dr. Steven Steinberg
Vanessa Emerzian
Graduated 2007
Effectiveness of Radiant Heating as a Method of Control for Nonnative Plant Species in Dune and Swale Environments at Lanphere Dunes, Humboldt Bay Dr. Richard Hansis
John Letton
Graduated 2007
Community Based Hazardous Fuel Mapping and Accuracy Assessment Dr. Yvonne Everett
Linda M. Miller
Graduated 2006
Evaluation of low-altitude vertical aerial videography as a method for identifying and estimating abundance of residual trees Dr. Steven Steinberg
Kate McCurdy
Graduated 2006
Attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about bear resistant food canister use among wilderness users in Yosemite National Park Dr. Steven Martin
Kari Jensen
Graduated 2006
Effects of the Artistic Design of Interpretive Signage on Attracting Power, Holding Time and Memory Recall Dr. Carolyn Ward
Chaeli Judd
Graduated 2006
Mapping Aquatic Vegetation: Using Bathymetric and Hyperspectral Imagery to Classify Submerged Eelgrass in Humboldt Bay, California Dr. Steven Steinberg
Jennifer Taylor
Graduated 2006
Effectiveness of Hands-On Learning in a Children’s Interpretive Program Dr. Carolyn Ward
Brook R. Edwards
Graduated 2005
Historical assessment of the ecological condition and channel dynamics of the lower Mokelumne River : 1910-2001 Dr. Steven Steinberg
Matthew Perry
Graduated 2005
Design and Evaluation of a Web Mapping Service for the Klamath River Basin Dr. Steven Steinberg
Jeff Marsolais
Graduated 2004
Visitor Perceptions of Management Actions Across the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Dr. Steven Martin
William D. Ritts
Graduated 2003
A quantitative risk assessment of Port Orford cedar root disease in the Smith River National Recreation Area. Dr. Steven Steinberg
Michael D. Hass
Graduated 2000
A Klamath River fisheries restoration webGIS Dr. Steven Steinberg