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Field Trips and Research

Real experience in the natural resources field is a must. Experienced instructors guide motivated students through some of the most fun – and most challenging – field experiences and research.

Students on a field trip

Many EMP students gain hands-on experience by evaluating outdoor schools, attending professional conferences, and researching the values and goals of backcountry hikers. All of this, in addition to required camping trips, adds a sense of community and camaraderie to your academic experience at HSU.

CCAT sustainable home and students

Environmental Science majors are blessed with an innovative, sustainable home right on campus, the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT). Here, students combine theory, research, and practice at the live-in, working demonstration home. Student research has fueled the fire for this site, including the technologies and demonstrations of photovoltaic and wind electric systems, a solar hot water system, a greenhouse passive heating system, a composting privy, a graywater system, and organic gardens.

Students get involved in research for local clients that benefits local communities and the region. Senior practicum classes focus on semester long projects such as assessing the potential for expanding oyster cultivation in Humboldt Bay, assessing and making management recommendations for oak woodlands in Humboldt County, or considering the likely impacts of sea level rise on Humboldt Bay and proposing mitigation, adaptation and retreat strategies for local governments.