Monday, August 20th

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Medical Outreach Clinic

Time: All day-Monday, December 31st


Mondays 2-4 pm at the Health Center
Wednesdays 1-4 pm at the Health Center
Thursdays 5-7 pm at the "J" Mezzanine Level

Drop-In Health Services
* Birth Control: Offering birth control pills, the patch, the ring,
or the shot. We have a clinician on site who can fill your birth
control or we can write you a prescription to be filled at the local pharmacy.
* Emergency Contraception (ECP, Plan B, Morning After Pill):
When used up to 5 days after having unprotected sex, ECP is 85% effective at preventing an unplanned pregnancy. But the sooner after sex you take it the better, so keep some on hand for those unexpected emergencies. FPact and Medi Cal both cover the cost of Emergency Contraception for women, or you can purchase it from us for only $25 which is much cheaper than the local pharmacies.
* Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Testing: Unfortunately Chlamydia is pretty common among young people between the ages of 18-25 and many people show no symptoms, so it’s a good idea to get tested regularly. Testing is as easy as leaving a urine sample and answering a few questions.
* HIV Testing: We use a rapid HIV test with results in 10 minutes. Just a quick finger poke and you can know your status.
* Pregnancy Testing & Options Education: If you have a positive pregnancy test, we can help get you in touch with the services you may need.
* Supplies: Condoms, lube, and dental dams, oh my! We have a large variety of condoms available - basic, colored, flavored, non-latex, larger sizes, and smaller sizes.

Additional Public Info: Need a refill on your current birth control prescription with SRPP and want to speed up your visit?

If you have a current birth control prescription with Six Rivers
Planned Parenthood you can call ahead of time and your
refill will be ready for pick up at the outreach location of
your choice!

Call the Birth Control Refill Line at (707) 442-4118.

• When calling, let them know that you want to pick up your
refill at Outreach, and at which location you want to pick up
your refill (HSU Health Center, HSU J, etc.).
• You must call before noon on the day before the Outreach clinic in order to pick up your refill.
• This refill line is for people with a current prescription on file
with Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.
• A staff member will call you if there is a problem or question with your refill request.

Price: Sliding Scale or use FPact, Medi Cal or Insurance


HSU Campus

Room: Health Center, Upstairs and J


Jermaine Brubaker, Medical Outreach Coordiantor
707-442-5700 ext. 280

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