Thursday, January 24th

Foundation Training Drop-In Group Fitness

Time: 7:00 pm-Thursday, February 28th 8:00 pm


Foundation Training is an adaptive training tool focusing on strengthening important muscle chains with its primary focus on the lower back. Foundation uses a body weight exercise system to reinforce proper movement patterns allowing large groups or chains of muscles to work together.

Our current lifestyles cause us to sit more; leaving important muscle groups inactive. Proper movement can help us eliminate pain and prevent physical breakdown. Using a braced spine and hip hinge is the foundation of proper movement. We will learn a variety of moves and postures designed to increase strength and flexibility. Ideal for athletes, chronic pain sufferers or those looking for a new exercise routine.

Additional Public Info: Class meets Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:00pm. Drop-in options still available for the first session! Call Center Activities for more information.

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Price: Full Session Program Fee: $60 HSU Students, $70 All Others; Drop-In Fee: $15


HSU Recreation and Wellness Center

Room: 125


HSU Center Activities

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