Saturday, January 26th


Time: 10:00 am-11:30 am


Escrima is a comprehensive Filipino martial art covering weapon and empty hand applications. In the beginning stages, training primarily involves use of a single stick, through which the student learns principles and body mechanics applicable to other weapons (double sticks, short stick, staff, etc.) and empty hand applications. Unlike most other martial arts which focus on technique, Escrima focuses on body mechanics and concepts. The five basic concepts of Escrima are power, speed/distance/timing, focus (mental and physical), transition and balance. Once a student has a basic technical background and can understand and apply the five concepts, they are able to use any weapon with some degree of proficiency. All of the weapon movements may also be done as empty hand applications.

Additional Public Info: Advanced registration required. Class take place Saturdays, January 26 - March 16.

Price: $50 HSU Students, $60 All Others


Martial Athletics
1622 Old Arcata Road
Arcata CA 95524

Directions: Located directly across from Jacoby Creek School.


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