Friday, March 29th

Makahiki: A Hawaiian Celebration of Peace Through Play

Time: 4:00 pm-6:00 pm


As part of Pan Asian Islander Perspectives Week, the Makahiki will showcase the act of reaping what you have sown as a community.

The Makahiki is celebrated in honor of the God of peace and prosperity, Lono, in addition to a season of harvest and relaxation.

We will be demonstrating, educating and of course, playing a variety of games that were practiced in Hawaii, then and now. This will be our first Makahiki at Humboldt State University!

4 - Welcoming Oli (Chant): E Ho Mai (Give Forth Knowledge)

4:10 - Greetings by Alana Souza & Hanakekua Joao: What is the Makahiki? Who is Lono?

4:25 - Description of dance performances

4:30 - Tahitian Dance by Kyla Barcelona

4:35 - Kahiko Hula by 'Alohi Bikle

4:40 - Auwana Hula by Sunshine Warren

4:45 - Auwana Hula by Marylyn Paik-Nicely

4:50 - Ho'olaule'a Inoa (Name Celebration) by Hanakekua Joao

5:00 - Interactive Game Presentation

5:10 - Let the games begin!!!

Ulumaika (similar to bowling)
Konane Competition (similar to checkers)
Uma (arm wrestling)
Haka Moa ("Chicken" fighting)
Hu (Hmong spinning tops)

5:45 - Questionnaire

5:55 - "Hawaii Aloha" led by Hanakekua Joao

6:00 - Ua Pau!

Tables featuring:

Lono-i-ka-makahiki Display (Featuring an Akua Loa + Ho'okupu)
"Kapa" Stamping - Homemade cards exemplifying ancient petroglyphs
Fundraiser for the MCC & API Grad:
Jack Gnarly Design (Handmade ceramic dinnerware and sculpture)
Lokahi Apparel (Unifying and harmonious clothing from Hawaii)
The Multi-Cultural Center and Pan Asian Pacific Islander Perspectives

For more details about the Makahiki, please visit:!zine/c1ntu

For updates on the Pan-Asian Pacific Islander Perspectives Week, please visit:

Mahalo Nui Loa, we hope to see you soon!

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Price: Free


Goodwin Forum


Hanakekua Joao

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