Wednesday, April 3rd

Disability Culture Film and Workshop

Time: 7:00 pm


Does disability have a culture? The idea might seem strange, especially on this campus where people with disabilities don't tend to come together to use disability as an identity platform. Elizabeth Hassler and CouRaGeouS present a space that might help that shift!

This workshop explores our preconceptions of disability and culture through the lens of an emerging "disability culture" movement. So often disability is conceived as harm, or lack: can it also be known as a place of lived experience from which people can make art? What the heck would a "disabled aesthetic" mean, anyway?

Using our experiences together with the "Disability Culture: Research in Motion" documentary as a starting text, we will examine our collective knowledge of disability/culture and see how it interacts with the viewpoints presented in the film. We will also experiment with creating collective knowledge about and from our bodies, and discuss what it might mean to view our bodies as cultural artifacts. Everybody and all perspectives/prior knowledge welcome!

All media used will be captioned and the Siemens Hall bathrooms are gender-binary and mostly wheelchair accessible. For any other access concerns, contact

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Price: Free


Siemens Hall

Room: 115


Elizabeth Hassler

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