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Tuesday, October 15th

Special Centennial Display at the Scientific Instrument Museum

Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm


Rich Paselk, Curator of HSU’s Robert A. Paselk Scientific Instrument Museum will present a talk and tour of the Museum on the second floor of the Library. The talk will be in two parts, the first will focus on the Museum’s special Centennial exhibit on Alexander von Humboldt’s South American Expedition, the scientific instruments he carried with him and the scientific results of Humboldt’s definitive experience. The exhibit uses mostly 20th century instruments to illustrate the kinds of science Humboldt did and how he accomplished it with the tools available. It also addresses ways HSU’s namesake remains an excellent model for today’s students and faculty, a man who was a great scientist-explorer, an integrative thinker and an early and powerful advocate of social justice.

The second part of the talk looks at the permanent displays of the Museum, which are organized around the instruments used in teaching science at HSU from 1926 to the 1980’s. These instruments witnessed HSU’s transformation from a small regional teacher’s college into an institution nationally renowned for Natural Resources and Science education in the late 20th century.

The talk will be illustrated with an overview of the Museum website, and will be followed by a personal tour of the Museum with questions and discussion.


Library Fishbowl

Room: Library, Room 209


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