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Friday, October 25th

Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Time: 4:00 pm-5:00 pm


All are welcome to the Biological Sciences Seminar Speaker Series. This week, Dr. Elisa Bone of Columbia University, presents "Of modules and morphology: colony form and functional integration in bryozoans."

Sessile assemblages on hard substrata in temperate environments are often dominated by modular taxa such as colonial ascidians, bryozoans and sponges. Modular life histories are unique in a number of ways.

Potentially indeterminate growth, by the repeated iteration of modules that are largely similar in size and function, suggests that functions should scale isometrically with size. Subtle changes in the zooid features of the cosmopolitan encrusting bryozoan Watersipora subtorquata indicate that resource requirements probably scale allometrically with colony size, and feeding patterns also suggest allometric scaling of energetic needs.

Morphological features of the nutrient transfer system appear similar in mature bryozoan colonies, with marked directional flow of resources to the growing edge. In very young colonies, in contrast, features of the funicular system were undifferentiated, suggesting potentially flexibility in colony structure and growth. These patterns indicate that modular colonies may be prone to the same pressures throughout their development as other sessile taxa, despite their very different life histories.


HSU Campus

Room: Science Building B - Room 135


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