Thursday, November 21st

Time Event Title
8:30 am-9:20 am

The Dimensions of Global Inequality

Goodwin Forum
What are the origins and scale of international inequality? In this presentation/discussion session we will look at a short video on global inequality and then have a discussion about the causes of economic inequality, the relationship between inequality and other issues, and how we might go about reversing the trend toward greater global wealth disparity.

Presented By: Derek Shaw is a lecturer in the International Studies program at HSU. Prior to teaching at HSU, Derek taught at several major universities in the US and Canada. Derek has also taught on international university programs in 16 countries. The focus of Derek's research and teaching is on the history and structure of the international political economy and related social, environmental, and cultural issues.
10:00 am-11:00 am

Study Abroad Panel

Goodwin Forum
Join several study abroad returnees as they share their experiences. Learn about the countries they visist5ed and the cultures they were immersed in.
11:00 am-12:50 pm

Career and Internship Opportunities With the US Department of State

Goodwin Forum
America’s foreign policy is to amplify the nation’s voice and extend its reach in areas critical to the daily lives of its citizens. We work to ensure our country’s diplomatic leadership enhances our economic, food and energy security and stability, and reflects America’s values. With your diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge, and exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, you can become part of America’s leadership worldwide. As a US citizen, you are America. And you can represent America to the world.

Presented By: Steven A. Browning is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service holding the rank of Career Minister. Ambassador Browning assumed his duties as Diplomat in Residence in August, 2012.

Ambassador Browning of Texas most recently served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of State’s Bureau of Human Resources where he had responsibility for hiring, developing, assigning and supporting the Department’s 68,000 employees. Prior to that he served as the Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda, Minister Counselor for Management in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq; and the Ambassador to the Republic of Malawi.

Ambassador Browning was Diplomat in Residence from 2000 to 2003 at the University of Southern California and University of California at Davis, and from 1998 to 2000 Dean of the School of Professional and Area Studies at the Foreign Service Institute, the U.S. Government’s primary training facility for its foreign affairs professionals.

Ambassador Browning has also served as Executive Director for the Bureau of African Affairs at the Department of State. Earlier in his career, he served as Deputy Chief of Mission in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Management at the Department of State. He has also served in the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Egypt and Sri Lanka.

Ambassador Browning received his bachelor's degree from Baylor University and his master's degree from the University of Houston.
11:00 am-12:30 pm

Endangered Languages

Screening of the documentary “The Linguists,” followed by a discussion focusing on using theater and performance in efforts to revive dying languages.

Presented By: Sam Sonntag, Professor in the Department of Politics and Jean O’Hara, Lecturer in Theater Arts and Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
1:00 pm-1:50 pm

International Career Panel

Goodwin Forum
Have you ever wondered what kinds of options are available for a career that involves things international? Join staff members from the Center for International Programs as they discuss the types of positions that they hold here on campus and what steps they took to get there.

Presented By: Staff members of the Center for International Programs.
3:30 pm-4:20 pm

The Politics of Austerity and Diversity in Europe - Student Poster Session

Goodwin Forum
Students from PSCI330, Political Regimes & Political Change: Europe, will present posters on different European countries. The posters will have a common theme such as Austerity & Diversity: Challenges in the European Union.

Presented By: Sam Sonntag is a Professor in the Politics Department and the instructor for the PSCI330 course.
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Mathematics Colloquium

HSU Campus
"Ramanujan: Letters From An Indian Clerk"

A video exploring the extraordinary talents of Ramanujan, a self-taught mathematician with no formal training. His work from the first decade of the 20th century was not proven until 80 years later.
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Wildlife EcoSeries Seminar

Green & Gold Room
Dr. Jerry Franklin, professor of Ecosystem Analysis at the University of Washington, will speak Thurs, Nov 21st from 4-5 pm, in the Green & Gold room (FH 166).

Dr. Franklin will be presenting a talk on ecologically-based forestry management practices as an alternate to traditional production forestry.
4:30 pm-6:30 pm

For the Love of a Book

Library Fishbowl
In this hands-on art making session, participants will learn how to make a miniature book and will leave the class with one or more original books. If you wish, bring small photos (no larger than 2x2 inches), poems, favorite quotes, beads, shells, or ribbon. There will also be plenty of art supplies for participants to use & templates and instructions for composing original poems.

Presented By: Patty Yancy is a Professor in the HSU School of Education. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Studies at the Graduate School of Education at University of California, Berkeley; and her B.A. in Fine Arts at the American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Yancey is a mixed-media visual artist and prior to her career in higher education, she taught as an artist-in-schools, arts specialist, and after school instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in rural Alaska.
5:00 pm-6:30 pm

Soap Making Workshop

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
Presented by HSU's Chemistry club, this will be a demonstration on how to make your own soap using lye and fats, with explanations on the molecular properties of soap and why it makes us clean!
5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Women's Self-Defense Class

HSU Campus
3 hour women's self-defense training. This fast paced class will focus mainly on physical techniques. To sign up call 826-4655 or email
6:30 pm-7:30 pm

The Peace Corps: Live, Learn, and Work Internationally

University Center Banquet Room
The Peace Corps pays qualified Americans to live and work for two years in one of 76 countries in the developing world. We work in Education, Health, Business Development, Agriculture, Environment, and Youth and Community Development. Volunteers gain valuable professional and personal development, using Peace Corps service to launch careers domestically or internationally, or use the many scholarships presented to returned Peace Corps volunteers to attend grad school. For over 50 years, Peace Corps volunteers have been fostering world peace and friendship through sharing culture and technical skills in the developing world, then bringing that experience back home to America to impact their communities and their engagement with politics and the world.

Presented By: Sean Michetti is a Peace Corps representative for Northern California and was previously a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria, serving in Youth Development from 2012 – 2012.

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Sep 27th-Nov 30th

HSU Clarke Museum Centennial Exhibit

Clarke Historical Museum
Nov 1st-Nov 21st

HSU Art Department Centennial "Revisit: Art by Former Faculty" Exhibit

Reese Bullen Gallery
Nov 5th-Dec 3rd

Intermediate Knitting

Recreation and Wellness Center
Nov 6th-Dec 4th

Beginning Knitting

Recreation and Wellness Center
Nov 7th-Nov 29th

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Showcase Month

Nov 8th-Dec 5th

Artists from The Indigenous Arts Coalition present: “post contemporary”

Goudi'ni Gallery
Nov 12th-Dec 11th

Holiday Food Drive

Nov 14th-Nov 25th

International Education Week Display Case

HSU Campus
Nov 18th-Nov 22nd

International Education Week

HSU Campus

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