Friday, November 8th

Time Event Title
All day-Dec 5th

Artists from The Indigenous Arts Coalition present: “post contemporary”

Goudi'ni Gallery
The Indigenous Arts Coalition from the San Francisco Bay Area, an evolving group of culturally and artistically diverse artists identifying as indigenous, are featured at Humboldt State University’s Goudi’ni Gallery in Artists from The Indigenous Arts Coalition present: “post contemporary,” November 8 through December 5, 2013. The exhibit opens with a reception for the artists from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, November 8. The public is invited to attend this free, public event.

The Indigenous Arts Coalition (IAC), originally founded in 2008 as a San Francisco Art Institute student group, has grown to support, acknowledge and promote contemporary Bay Area indigenous artists of all disciplines. The IAC artists incorporate a unique and interesting variety of art mediums to be seen in an indigenous-minded fashion. Mediums include painting, installation, sculpture, as well as mixed media and video. Through this presentation the viewer can witness an exhibit where political and social matters are a woven theme amongst ideas of what it is to have indigenous identity in contemporary art. IAC artist Geri Montano speaks of the coalition saying, “I think so many people still have this idea of Native American art in the traditional forms. The Indigenous Arts Coalition aims to show art that is open to new concepts and genres. We self-identifying indigenous artists of the IAC are open to experimenting and expanding as artists, as well as still having a respect for traditions.”
1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Contemporary Resegregation in K-12 Education: laws, Statistics and Experiences

Gist Hall
In this workshop Kindra Aschenbrenner will lead a discussion around post- modern educational trends in the United States. Workshop will focus on student lived experiences and relations with school options (private, public, charter, transferring); laws and court rulings; and statistical trends in the racial makeup of our educational institutions. Discussion will be framed by Bonilla-Silva’s theory of “Colorblind Racism."

Presenter: Kindra Aschenbrenner

Part of the Campus Dialogue on Race Nov. 1-8.
3:00 pm-5:00 pm

HSU’s Next 100 Years as a “Hispanic Serving Institution”: A Student Success Plan

Gist Hall
HSU was recently promoted to the status of "Hispanic Serving Institution" within the CSU system. This workshop will deconstruct this new title and lend insight as to what this means for students, faculty and staff of HSU now and over the next 100 years. Specifically, this dialogue on race will consider the increasing social responsibilities attached to the campus and its community, including: the roles of language and bilingualism, cross-cultural awareness, and community building. Subtopics of this dialogue may include student services, success, and retention.

Presenter: Julie Raich, Russell Gaskell, World Languages and Cultures, and Dorian Romeo

Part of the Campus Dialogue on Race Nov. 1-8
3:00 pm-5:00 pm

CouRaGeouS Conversations: Our Frameworks of Rights and Justice

Siemens Hall
What are rights and justice? Are they the same, or different, and what does that question say about our visions of community and social change? This workshop is a discussion space where we can define our hopes for a more just world in coalition with one another, at the complex intersections of our lives. Everyone brings knowledge and questions to this space, and everyone is welcome.

Presenters: CouRaGeous Club

Part of the Campus Dialogue on Race Nov. 1-8.
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar Series

HSU Campus
All are welcome to hear this week's seminar speaker, Dr. Mihai Tomescu, of HSU's Biological Sciences Department, present "The evolution of roots – current state of the art."

Roots are the unsung heroes of plant success on land. While current research efforts focus on root development and rhizosphere interactions in model angiosperms, little is known about root evolution across the breadth of taxonomic diversity of vascular plants.

My talk will explore ideas of root evolution starting with a review of the current state of knowledge, continuing with research conducted in my lab on plant fossils and comparative developmental anatomy, and closing with a discussion of phylogenetic trends and molecular controls of body plan architecture aimed at identifying research directions in need of further exploration. Vascular plants are at least 430 million years old (Silurian), yet roots appear in the fossil record only 20 million years later, in the Early Devonian.

Comparative anatomy and the fossil record indicate that roots evolved independently in the two major plant clades and there may be more than three independent origins of roots across vascular plants. Since evolution is the result of changes in development, clues to root origins require in-depth understanding of the factors that generate the characteristic body plans of the different lineages.
5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Disability Justice and Our Potential for Resistance

Gist Hall
Why don't we talk about disability? This is a workshop and discussion space where we can connect disability to our visions of a social justice movement that recognizes the intersections of our experiences and the complexities of our lives. Everyone welcome!

Presenter: Elizabeth Hassler

Part of the Campus Dialogue on Race Nov. 1-8.
7:30 pm

Humboldt Unbound

Van Duzer Theater
Who in the world was Alexander von Humboldt? Explore the wonder of his life as adventurer, scientist, godfather of ecology and champion of diversity and freedom in the HSU original production "Humboldt Unbound," a fast and fluid series of transformations creating a dynamic portrait in live theatre, music, dance and spectacle.

Directed by Michael Fields (‘92, Theatre Arts MFA), scenic design by Giulio Cesare Perrone, music by Tim Gray, costumes by Catherine Brown. HSU student Mark Teeter plays the young explorer Humboldt, and HSU professor of Geography Stephen Cunha portrays the older Humboldt. An HSU Theatre, Film & Dance production.
8:00 pm

Guitar Ensemble

Fulkerson Recital Hall
HSU Guitar Ensemble goes around the world with “World Music Primer” by Dusan Bogdanovic and tunes by England’s Jeremy Sparks, Spain’s Manuel de Falla, Brazil’s Egberto Amin Gismonti, and America’s William Kanengiser and Scott Joplin.

Performers in this Guitar Ensemble concert include Alex Diaz, Jason Hall, Nick Hart, Jake Masterson, Nick Lambson, Kris Lang, Justin Santos, Charlie Sleep, Leonardo Simmons, Rory Urquhart and Greg Willis. The Guitar Ensemble is directed by Nicholas Lambson.
9:01 pm

CSSC Fall 2013 Convergence!

Kate Buchanan Room
Hundreds of sustainability leaders from around the state will converge in Arcata Nov. 9-10 for the fall 2013 California Student Sustainability Coalition Convergence, hosted by Humboldt State. The theme of this year’s biannual conference is “Building Sustainable Communities.”

The two-day event will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops focusing on five sustainability themes: building, feeding, powering, organizing action and social justice.

Mark Lakeman, a national leader in the development of sustainable public places, will give the keynote lecture at 9:30 a.m. Nov. 10 in the Kate Buchanan Room. Through his leadership in Communitecture, Inc., and its affiliates such as The City Repair Project and The Village Building Convergence, Lakeman has been instrumental in developing dozens of urban permaculture design projects across the United States.

Other workshops include:
Real Food Challenge – Change Your Campus Food System!
Communicating Sustainability
Building Strength within the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign
Taking Hold of Your Education: Experiences in Student Led Sustainability Education
A Stakeholder Approach to Resolving Disputes
Cooperative Solutions
Tours of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT) and Arcata’s wastewater treatment marsh

The event is free for Humboldt State students and open to the public. Admission is $30 for non-HSU students and community members.

“Building Sustainable Communities” is organized by the Humboldt State chapter of the California Student Sustainability Coalition.

The California Student Sustainability Coalition is a network of thousands of students throughout the state of California. Coalition members work to turn educational institutions into models of ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Ongoing Events:

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Sep 27th-Nov 30th

HSU Clarke Museum Centennial Exhibit

Clarke Historical Museum
Nov 1st-Nov 21st

HSU Art Department Centennial "Revisit: Art by Former Faculty" Exhibit

Reese Bullen Gallery
Nov 1st-Nov 8th

Campus Dialogue on Race

HSU Campus
Nov 5th-Dec 3rd

Intermediate Knitting

Recreation and Wellness Center
Nov 6th-Dec 4th

Beginning Knitting

Recreation and Wellness Center
Nov 7th-Nov 29th

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Showcase Month

Nov 7th-Nov 9th

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Recreation and Wellness Center

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