Friday, March 14th

Time Event Title
12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Econ Forum - ObamaCare

Nelson Hall East
Join in on a discussion about Obama Care. This lunchtime Forum is going to be the last of the year so now is your chance to participate in this student run event.
1:00 pm

Softball vs. Cal State East Bay

HSU Softball Field
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar Series

HSU Campus
All are welcome to attend our seminar this week presented by Dr. Bengt J. Allen, of CSU Long Beach, titled "Ecological Consequences of Thermal Stress to Marine Rocky Intertidal Organisms: Insights from a Model Ecosystem."

Characterized by steep gradients and high variability in physical conditions over small spatial and temporal scales, the marine rocky intertidal zone is a model system for the experimental investigation of organismal responses to physiological stress.

Although individuals can mitigate to some degree their vulnerability to extreme conditions through behavior or physiological plasticity, at low tide marine organisms often
experience high body temperatures and desiccation stress
associated with aerial exposure.

These factors are widely viewed as perhaps the most significant abiotic drivers influencing organismal performance and fitness in this habitat.

Research in my lab is directed towards understanding the mechanistic basis and complex ecological consequences of temperature and desiccation stress to marine intertidal organisms, particularly in the context of rapid climate change.
6:00 pm

Nyssa Collins, Piano, Junior Recital

Fulkerson Recital Hall
8:00 pm

Piano Studio Recital

Fulkerson Recital Hall

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Jan 25th-Mar 22nd

HSU Alumni Centennial Road Show

Various locations, USA
Feb 20th-Mar 20th

“Through the Eyes of an Eagle” Art Exhibit

Goudi'ni Gallery
Mar 1st-Mar 31st

Library Showcase Month

Library Fishbowl
Mar 1st-Mar 15th

OLLI Art Show

The Historic Gross Building
Mar 10th-Mar 25th

CCAT Graphic Design Contest

Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
Mar 11th-Mar 30th

Water Awareness Month Photo Contest

Mar 13th-Apr 11th

Future Four Business Concept Contest

HSU Campus

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