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5:00 pm Apr 1st

Citations and Plagiarism Workshop

HSU Library
Come to this workshop to discover how to properly use citations in your assignments. As a college student, plagiarism is an important concept to keep in mind- it can result in bad grades or disciplinary action. But citations are also an important part of scholarship- a tradition of recognizing the work of others and collaborating on the development of your discipline. This workshop will also focus on the basic aspects of creating citations and references and will introduce you to invaluable reference resources. It is recommended that you complete the citation tutorial before attending this workshop: http://www2.humboldt.edu/libraryquiz/make-citations
6:00 pm Apr 1st

Science on Tap! Chaos vs. Disorder: A Wednesday Night SmackDown

Blondie's Food and Drink
The concepts of chaos and disorder are often interchangeable when using every-day language. However, in physics they have very specific and distinct meanings. This talk will explore these two concepts and how they differ. This will be accomplished by first discussing the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that entropy, the amount of disorder, can never decrease in a closed system.

I’ll show how this law, and the idea of entropy, can be derived from statistical probabilities. In the second part of the talk I’ll focus on the concept of chaos, which arises in non-linear dynamical systems. Simply stated, chaos is the term used to describe the unpredictability of these systems. I’ll introduce a few non-linear systems, how they depend sensitively on their initial conditions and show how the behavior of these systems can transition from zones of stability to zones of chaos.

Finally, we’ll look at a simple chaotic pendulum as a case study for a system with very low amount of disorder, but which exhibits chaotic behavior.

Tyler Mitchell is an Astronomer and teaches Physics and Astronomy at Humboldt State University.
12:00 pm Apr 2nd

Department of Social Work - Community Academic Colloquium

Great Hall
Join the Department of Social Work for its annual Academic Colloquium & Alumni of the Year Award Ceremony.

Refreshments, hors d'oeuvres, slideshows, & speakers including:
Keynote Speaker – Lee Staples, MSW Ph.D.
Clinical Professor
School of Social Work
Boston University

Geneva Shaw – Lecturer, HSU Department of Social Work
Rebecca Ramos – HSU BASW Student
César Abarca – Assistant Professor, HSU Department of Social Work
1:00 pm Apr 2nd

Softball vs. Cal State Dominguez Hills

HSU Softball Field
3:30 pm Apr 2nd

Belize Archaeology Field School Informational Meeting

HSU Campus
Are you interested in going somewhere exotic this summer and getting hands-on experience in archaeology, surveying, or forest ecology?

If so, join us for a meeting on Thursday, April 2nd from 3:30 – 4:30 PM in the Theater Arts Building, Room 11.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Belize Archaeology Field School (link listed below). The field school is a multidisciplinary project that involves archaeological excavation, ecological survey, and topographical land survey at several Maya sites in the tropical forests of northwestern Belize.

The field school dates are May 21st to June 18th and it is open to all levels & majors (no experience required). The field school offers two courses, ANTH 306 (general education area D and common ground and diversity requirement) and ANTH 357, for a total of 6 units.

A list of scholarship opportunities (some are closing soon) for summer programs is available if you need financial assistance. Additionally, because this is a summer field school program you can use VA benefits or university financial aid services.

For more information about the Belize Field School or possible external scholarship opportunities contact Erik Marinkovich at em159@humboldt.edu or Dr. Marisol Cortes-Rincon at mc479@humboldt.edu.

Application link:


Facebook Page:

5:00 pm Apr 2nd

Beyond Hour of Code - Web Development Tools

Library Fishbowl
Web Development tools are a must for anyone creating content on the web. Have you ever wanted to borrow an element from a site you like? Have you ever been frustrated trying to get your page to render exactly how you'd like? (who hasn't?!) Do you struggle to get your JavaScript code to execute correctly? Come to this 2-hr workshop to learn how freely available web development tools can help you with these issues and more.

A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript isn't required for this, but will help you get the most out of this workshop. If you'd like to brush up on the basics, visit this guide for some great resources: http://libguides.humboldt.edu/webdev-resources.
8:00 am Apr 3rd

Spring Preview

Van Duzer Theater
HSU's Spring Open House is a perfect opportunity for students and families to tour the campus and residence halls, meet professors, and talk with current students about their experiences at HSU.

It's also a great time to gather information about academic majors, student activities, and on-campus resources. The University Bookstore will also be open so you can stock up on your HSU gear before you leave!
1:00 pm Apr 3rd

Softball vs. Cal State Dominguez Hills

HSU Softball Field
5:00 pm Apr 3rd

Rebeca Ramos - Flute Senior Recital

Fulkerson Recital Hall
5:30 pm Apr 3rd

Artist Talk by Ana Teresa Fernández

Art Department Building
Ana Teresa Fernández is an internationally recognized
artist whose paintings, performances, and videos
illuminate the barriers, both psychological and physical, that confine and divide gender, race and class in Western society and the Global South.

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