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2:00 pm Feb 26th

SkillShop: Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

HSU Library
Participants will learn how to edit on Wikipedia. There will be reference materials provided by the library, but please feel free to bring your own books to use in adding primary source documents on to Wikipedia! Several computers will be available, but bringing a laptop is encouraged.

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/event/3182200
11:00 am Feb 27th

SkillShop: Fear Not the Semicolon: Making Punctuation Work for You

HSU Library
Do you avoid semicolons because you're not certain how to use them? Do you think you're using colons correctly, but you're not really sure? Come to this workshop to better understand semicolons, colons, and dashes. Through hands-on activities, you'll discover how your punctuation choices can help you convey your ideas more powerfully and purposefully.

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/event/3148724
2:00 pm Feb 27th

SkillShop: Digital You - Creating a Digital Portfolio Using a Personal Website

HSU Library
Get creative with how you share your resume, projects, and evidence of skills you have learned! This SkillShop will help you get started making your own website using a drag and drop editor--No Coding Skills Required!! A digital portfolio will set your projects and job applications apart.

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/event/3105605
4:00 pm Feb 27th

SkillShop: Preparing for an Interview

HSU Library
With Summer internship/job applications opening and graduate school applications being submitted, employers and schools are preparing to meet with you! Do not try and "wing" these meetings! This workshop will help you prepare and stand out during an interview.

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/event/3112602
5:30 pm Feb 27th


Founders Hall
Now more than every individuals need a voice and in times like these a space to speak about meaningful change is vital. That is what Roosevelt at HSU is looking to do.

Roosevelt will be hosting an open forum where speakers will talk about various issues ranging from student homelessness to the enviornment and how WE can make a change in our communities.

Now accepting applications for presenters:
6:00 pm Feb 27th

Syrian Refugees: Escaping the Horrors of War, Coping with World Apathy

Founders Hall
Over five million Syrians have fled their country seeking safety and freedom, away from the horrors of the civil war.  As the world copes with the largest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime, the US has played a small part in the efforts to relocate and resettle refugees. Now, there is fear that even this meager involvement will stop, leaving one of our world's most vulnerable populations in limbo indefinitely. 

Come learn about the situation, and what you can do to help!

Tony Silvaggio, Department of Sociology
Leena Dallasheh, Department of History
Jared Larson, Department of Politics
Sierra Leash, Activist, Refugee Shelter House
Anne Braak Katz, Activist, Refugee Support
3:00 pm Feb 28th

SkillShop: Cite It Right! Preventing Plagiarism & an Introduction to Citation Styles

HSU Library
This Skillshop will discuss what plagiarism is and the forms that it can take, how to prevent it, and provide an overview of common citation styles (MLA, APA, CSE and/or Chicago).

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/event/3105582
3:00 pm Feb 28th

SkillShop: Summer Internships in the Sciences - It isn't too late!

HSU Library
If you are thinking about applying to a summer internship, but have not had the chance yet, this workshop is for you. Discover the options available to you and how to pursue your perfect opportunity this summer. Internships allow you to build relevant experience, network with others in your field and understand your classes at a deeper level. Let me help you get started on your search!

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/event/3127399
5:00 pm Mar 1st

SkillShop: A is for Annotated, B is for Bibliography - Tips for Writing an Annotated Bibliography

HSU Library
You are required to submit an annotated bibliography for an upcoming assignment. You aren’t sure what this is or where to begin. This workshop will analyze annotated bibliographies from start to finish. You will learn:What an annotated bibliography is

+The differences between an annotated bibliography and an abstract
+What an annotated bibliography should and should not contain
+Strategies for writing annotated bibliographies

Register at http://humboldt.libcal.com/calendar/workshops
6:00 pm Mar 1st

Science on Tap!

Blondie's Food & Drink
"Crown Ecology in Tall Sitka Spruce Trees"

by Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas
HSU Department of Forestry & Wildland Resources

I will discuss some of the physiological complications associated with being a tall tree and some of the surprising ways that using crown water sources high above the forest floor can minimize these complications. I will also describe some of the epiphytic communities that occupy these old-growth canopies. Furthermore, although epiphytes and their host trees epitomize commensalism, the historical view of this relationship has ranged from semi-parasitic to mutualistic. It is well documented that canopy epiphytes can increase nutrient availability to host trees and the ecosystem as a whole, but there is relatively little known about how these interspecific interactions influence host tree physiology. I will discuss some of our recent findings on the potential influences of epiphytes and crown water sources on host tree water status and physiology in tall (> 85 m) Sitka spruce trees at the Redwood Experimental Forest, Del Norte County.

Free and all ages welcome!
Delicious food and drink available for purchase!

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