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12:00 pm Sep 1st

Grand Opening for Centers for Academic Excellence

UC Quad
Join us on the HSU Quad for celebrating the African American and Latin@ Centers for Academic Excellence. There will be
Food, Music, and Center Tours. All are welcome!
2:00 pm Sep 1st

YES Open House

YES House
Come take a tour of the YES House! Learn about all our programs and the volunteer opportunities that they offer! Light refreshments served.
6:00 pm Sep 1st

Jazz Improvisation

Recreation & Wellness Center
This class is geared toward the beginning or intermediate jazz improviser.Students will work together to gain the necessary skills to be effective soloists, learn fundamental chords and scales and the basics of swing rhythm, and be introduced to the twelve bar blues and other essential jazz song forms. Students will also learn how to compose a simple twelve bar blues song, and have the opportunity to perform it for the class.
8:00 pm Sep 1st

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Van Duzer Theater
Photo courtesy Kristine Slipson.
10:00 am Sep 2nd

HSU Volunteer Fair

UC Quad
The HSU Volunteer Fair, hosted by the HSU Center for Service Learning & Academic Internships (CSLAI), will take place on the HSU Quad Wednesday, September 2, from 10am to 2pm. Dozens of local community based organizations table on the quad to share information on their services and volunteer opportunities for HSU students. Faculty can also make connections to develop Service Learning and Academic Intern partnerships.
6:00 pm Sep 2nd

Sea Kayaking Basics – On Land

Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
This two-hour on land session will be held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and focus on the anatomy of boats, proper outfitting and gear, and everything else you need to know before your get your toes wet. This is a great way to feel more comfortable and confident about the sport before your first kayaking lesson.
6:00 pm Sep 2nd

Science on Tap!

Blondie's Food and Drink
Dr. Tyler Mitchell from the HSU Physics and Astronomy Department will give an informal lecture entitled:

"New Horizons: The First Mission to the Pluto System and the Kuiper Belt"

This summer, after a more than nine year journey, the New Horizons spacecraft finally reached its destination, Pluto. Despite being so well-known, Pluto is only one of approximately 1000 known objects which inhabit this part of the solar system, the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper belt is a vast reservoir of small icy bodies and the source of the so called Jupiter-Family comets. The icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt formed at a very early time in our solar system’s history and are believed to have remained unchanged since then. By studying their composition and dynamical behavior, we can learn a lot about how our solar system formed and the processes which shaped it.
My talk will include some of the historical context of Pluto and the Kuiper belt, including their discovery and the recent reclassification of Pluto. I’ll discuss what can be learned by studying the objects and structures in the outer solar system, and the impact this may have on the current theories of solar system formation. Finally, I’ll present some of the latest results from the New Horizons mission and discuss what these results are telling us. In the process I hope to answer any questions you might have about the New Horizons mission and/or the outer solar system.
6:00 pm Sep 2nd

Peace Corps Information Session

Founders Hall

Do you want to have the adventure of a lifetime after graduation?

Peace Crops Volunteers work in more than 70+ countries, helping communities gain skills in education, agriculture, forestry, natural resources, environmental education, business, IT, health, & youth and community development. Peace Corps service is a 27-month commitment and includes full language immersion, all travel & living expenses plus medical insurance. Student loan deferment and graduate school opportunities available.

Apply On Line at:

Apply by September 30th to be overseas in 2016.

Contact Barbara Smith: bsmith@peacecorps.gov or call or text her at 510-277-2907.
4:00 pm Sep 3rd

SkillShop - Basic Research

HSU Library
In this workshop you will discover the basics of conducting research- choosing a topic, using smart search terms, narrowing and broadening your search results, building your citation list, and more. You will also spend some hands-on time using online databases where you can work on class assignments or simply explore the library’s resources. It is recommended that you take the ‘Begin Your Research’ tutorial before the workshop to get the most out of the information that will be covered: https://www.humboldt.edu/libraryquiz/.
4:00 pm Sep 3rd

Mathematics Colloquium

Behavioral and Social Sciences Building
"Let's Get Series About Calculus" with Dr. Jeff Haag

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