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- Sterling Wallstrum

It is the responsiblility of the President position to maintain focus and momentum of the EWB HSU chapter.

Vice President

- Gabriel Salazar

It is the responsitibility of the Vice President to assist the President in any and all operational neccessities of the club.


- Adam McGuire

It is the responsibility of the Treasure to maintain the financial necessities of the club. This position oversees all transactions concerned with EWB HSU chapter.


- Dan Mays

It is the responsibility of the Secretary to maintiain a record of the clubs meetings and correspondence between the club and community.

Professionals Liaison

- Charles Swanson

It is the responsibility fo the Professional Liaison to maintian the communication between the EWB HSU chapter with the professional community.


- Andres Benitez

It is the responsibility of the Webmaster to maintain the club website.