Humboldt State University
  • 4 students (Alvaro, Steve, Sarah, Jess taking 'self photo' in  front of Creekview

    Yes, you'll study, expand your gray matter and garner new career skills. You can't, however, cruise through four years of college without a little rest and relaxation. When it's time to give your brain a break, you'll find all sorts of fun things to do at HSU that will add balance to your college years.

  • Huckleberry flint (local band w/ some alums) playing in in a store on the Plaza, Arcata.

    Humboldt County is home to an amazing music scene. You can catch scores of local bands on any given night, year round. Punk rock, country and western, Hip Hop, rockabilly, techno it's all here.

  • Student mountain bikes through Arcata Community Forest.

    Local mountain bikers know that Arcata's deep-forest trails are as fine as any you'd find in Moab, Marin or Durango. Great riding starts within a dozen pedal strokes of campus.

  • Local band at The Metro, on Arcata Plaza.

    Each month our town opens its stores and galleries in a celebration of local art and live music. The event is known as Arts Arcata, and it's a great way to spend a Friday night. No cover charges. No beret required. Lots of fun.

  • Crab Grass Band at Crabs Baseball Field in Arcata

    Catching a Humboldt Crabs game is a great way to spend the afternoon. Arcata's semi-pro baseball team elicits the kind of adoration that many major league teams can only dream of. And then there's the all-volunteer Crab Grass Band (shown here): a motley crew of alumni, students and townspeople who burst out in rousing versions of "Louie Louie," "Elvira" and "Rawhide."

  • Hiker on Mad River Dunes

    While our backyard is teeming with outdoor diversions for the adrenaline addicted, there are also plenty of beautiful places that you can explore without pegging your heart rate at 200 beats per minute. A hike along the Mad River Dunes fits the bill nicely.

  • kayaker & surfer on Moonstone beach at sunset

    Some mornings you can actually smell the salt in the air—yes, we're that close to the ocean. Whether your passion lies in surfing, kayaking, or simply strolling along the sand, there are miles of crowd-free beaches for you to enjoy.

  • Students take their skateboards between classes.

    Skateboard to class? Sure, it's called “multi-tasking” or “time management” or “leisure prioritization” or…well, the idea is basically this: you don't have to wait for spring break to roll around before you take some time to have fun. Every day here presents an opportunity to mix learning with what you're passionate about.

  • Students juggling on the HSU events field.

    Humboldt State is home to all sorts of clubs. We have clubs for people who love swing dancing, clubs for aficionados of Japanese animation, clubs for individuals who want to fine tune their rope walking and juggling skills (that'd be the Humboldt Circus and Juggling Society)…If your passionate about something—anything, really—you'll meet people at HSU who are equally excited about that very same thing.

  • Two students pick out CDs.

    If you're a fan of literature and music, we've got you covered. There are myriad book and record stores in downtown Arcata and plenty more shops in Eureka. The area also boasts a number of live performance venues featuring everything from stand-up comedy to world class theater troupes.

  • Student packing a car before a weekend road trip.

    There's plenty to see and do within walking distance of campus, but if you get an itch to travel, you'll find the road tripping here especially fine. Bask in the sun while you float down the Trinity River, head over to Horse Mountain for some back-country snowboarding, spend an afternoon roaming the Victorian village of Ferndale….the potential day trips are countless.

  • HSU rowing team practicing on Humboldt Bay.

    As members of the California Collegiate Athletic Association, our athletes put the hurt on Division II teams up and down the state. Basketball, cross country, football, rowing, soccer, softball, track & field--we're competitive in a wide range of sports. In fact, in 2012 HSU's Rowing team captured its first NCAA Division II National Championship.

  • Students playing frisbee golf at Arcata Community Forest.

    A good portion of your college education will consist of soaking up practical, career-related skills. That's as it should be. You'd be missing out, however, if you didn't also take advantage of this opportunity to step out and try something new. Disc golf in the forest—sure, why not? HSU is the perfect place to explore your options.

  • Students backpacking on the Lost Coast.

    There's a reason Outside magazine chose Arcata as one of the best towns for outdoor lovers … Actually, there are dozens of reasons. Incredible river sports, surfing, hiking and cycling are just the tip of the iceberg. We also sport several shops in town that will get you geared up for any adventure you have in mind.

  • Female HSU student getting rock climbing lesson on Moonstone Beach, Center Activiites.

    No one is born an expert rock climber, surfer or Tai Chi master. That's why Center Activities (located on campus) offers classes on everything from wilderness survival to Samba dancing. Here, an HSU student learns the basics of rock-climbing from a Center Activities guide.