Humboldt State University
  • Students working in lab with Professor.

    By the time you apply to college, you’ve spent close to 14,000 hours sitting at a desk, listening to someone lecture you—it just seems a prerequisite to getting an education. Your college experience, however, doesn’t have to be more of the same. Our small class sizes and emphasis on hands-on learning make for a more effective (and exciting) learning process.

  • NRPI class attends a presenation on the Trinity River about river restoration

    At HSU, a typical day in class can mean never setting foot in a classroom at all. Our location—just a few minutes’ drive from several rich eco-systems—is the perfect environment in which to learn the natural sciences. Today’s lecture? Stream restoration in the Trinity Alps.

  • Upper-division Forestry students map the crown of a 139-foot-tall, 85-year-old redwood tree on the HSU campus.

    Upper-division Forestry students map the crown of a 139-foot-tall, 85-year-old redwood tree on the HSU campus. Student researchers learn how to climb trees without using spikes and to map the tree's crown by taking detailed measurements of every branch. Combined with measurements from the trunk, these data are used to build a 3-dimensional computer model of the tree's crown, which can be used to determine accurately the total amount of leaves, bark, and wood on the whole tree.

  • Students works with surveying and GIS equiptment during field trip to  Redwood park in Arcata.

    Satellites and redwood trees? Absolutely. Humboldt State is home to one of the best undergraduate programs in GIS (Geographic information systems) and remote sensing. Here, two students work with surveying and GIS equipment during one of many field trips to Redwood park in Arcata.

  • Student interacting with kids in the Child Development Lab.

    Getting a room full of fidgety four-year olds to sit still for half an hour can be a challenge. Students from our Elementary Education program, however, are more than up to the task. Students who chose to pursue a teaching credential can choose from elementary and secondary education, special education and more.

  • HSU Alum works on an activist mural during the Ed Summit

    What if you held a conference and no one yawned? Would it really be a conference at all? Actually, such things happen here all the time. At HSU, we’re dedicated to taking an innovative approach to everything we do. Sometimes that means ditching the name tags, turning off the Power Point presentation and trying something new. When, for instance, was the last time you painted a mural during a conference on education policy?

  • Professor works with a student during a painting studio lab.

    At Humboldt State, you don’t have to compete for your professor’s attention. With a faculty to student ratio of 23 to 1, our students have an unparalleled opportunity to work alongside and learn directly from their professors.

  • Students working in Library computer lab.

    Humboldt State offers support for every type of learner. Our library has scores of collaboration-friendly work spaces, plus you'll find the computer Help Desk, Testing Center, Student Disability Resource Center, Veterans Services and more.

  • ERE Grad student works with Solar panels on top of Science building

    Humboldt State is one of the few schools where you can learn how to design, build and operate renewable energy systems. In this case, a student majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering installs solar panels atop our Science building.

  • Student doing undergraduate research.

    Humboldt State is dedicated to undergraduate research—it’s one of the things that sets us apart from most universities. Our students do more than stare at chalkboards—they put what they’ve learned into practice. It’s precisely that kind of experience that graduate schools and employers are looking for.

  • Students backstage in Van Duzen Theatre.

    Transporting an audience to another world in five minutes flat? It's no simple task, but Humboldt State Theatre, Film & Dance students get plenty of experience doing precisely that. Every year they produce and direct dozens of plays, movies and dance performances.

  • Oceanography students aboard the coral sea.

    Undergraduate researchers aboard the Coral Sea examine organisms that they hauled up from the ocean floor themselves. HSU is home to the only undergraduate oceanography program in California and the only research vessel used primarily for undergraduate research.